Hello, Beautiful Being!

Here is your promised Transformation Kit. Energetically start experiencing more momentum toward your heart’s desires with these special gifts from talented spiritual teachers and healers.

Enjoy and Be Blessed!

Judy and Simba

Bonus 1: Joy Baker - Transform Your Relationship with Abundance!

Are you feeling stuck financially? Would you like to increase your money flow? Become a money magnet? Listen to this audio as Joy clears fears and patterns that could be keeping you stuck and activates the frequency of abundance and expansion.

Bonus 2: Jeff Gignac “Turn-Around” Your Life

Do you have some “Triggers” that you feel are blocking you? Experience the “Ten Minute Turn-Around Version 4 -Trigger Eraser” from Jeff Gignac’s Passive Brain Fitness Videos. Passive Brain Fitness® is a class of audio and visual mind building technologies that may improve cognitive functioning, mood and productivity when used as directed. Very potent technology!

Bonus 3: Charan Surdhar - Expand Your Heart and Joy

Beautiful dolphins take you on a journey into yourself, to open up to your inner child. Here allow the love within to open, and experience the joy that resides in your every cell. Invitation to then take this feeling and practice of Ho’oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian clearing technique into your life.

Bonus 4: Dorota Rozmus - Higher Self and the Universe of Love and Light

Loving and powerful activation with voice toning, taking you deep into the heart chakra to help you return and tune into pure vibration of your Higher Self and tune into the Universe of Love and Light.

Bonus 5: Omaji and The Council of Light - Step into Your Power and Freedom

What if you could Remember your Infinite Power of Choice and Freedom? This recording gifts you with an energetic bridge into the Remembering of your Truth as an extension of Infinite Source to Activate and Attune you to the frequencies within you for greater Empowerment, Freedom, Peace and Possibility! Will you allow The Divine to remind you of your inherent Freedom so that it can become your experience?