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Joy Baker
Ascension through Expansion

During her 25 years of training horses, Joy found she had the ability to easily connect with those that had been abused or were labelled mean by others. However, once she realized that any further career options in the horse industry were limited, she made a life altering decision and choose to focus all her time and efforts into her emotional growth. She walked away from her life with horses over 20 years ago and began her journey of Self discovery and inner healing. It was during this time that she realized her ease at connecting with and understanding
abused horses was a gift that she could offer to support and inspire mankind.

Several times over the years, Joy had been ready to give up on her journey of Self discovery; the emotional pain was too intense and she wasn’t sure if she wanted to go on with it. Since we’re rarely taught as children how to process and let go of emotions that are limiting us, those emotions can become stuck in our bodies at a cellular level. If you’ve ever gone through any trauma in your life such as a car accident, relationship break up, loved ones dying, loss of employment, physical, sexual, emotional abuse or more, chances are you haven’t known how to deal with the emotional aftermath of those events. Those emotions can then become stored in your body. Once that happens, you develop attachments to those limiting feelings and unconsciously create scenarios in your life that can cause feelings such as anxiety, fear, shame, guilt, anger, overwhelm etc to repeat over and over. We become addicts; addicted to the very feelings that are limiting us. The first step to becoming Self Empowered is awareness. Once you become aware of what's limiting you, it can then be released and cleared.

After years of soul searching and inner work, Joy has developed the ability to read the emotional energies we each carry within us and now offers remote energy scans and clearings. Simply by reading the energy in the picture of a person, disempowering core beliefs, patterns and emotions are identified and cleared from your energy field. She has received feedback from several clients stating that her scans & emotional energy clearings go into those dark, dusty places that, once cleared, supports them in feeling more centered and grounded, opened up to their
spiritual gifts & guidance, an overall feeling of being renewed and refreshed and so much more!

Each scan and clearing is as unique as the individual receiving it and can range from a simple tune up to a life changing awakening. If you're ready to step forward into living an Empowered Life, could NOW be the time to take action and wake up to your True Potential?!

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Interview Topic:
​Ascension through Expansion

Do You feel stuck in a rut?

  • “Why do I keep doing this when I keep getting what I don't want?"
  • "I know what the pattern is but I can't seem to break out of it."
  • "I am so tired of struggling, I'm ready to give up."
  • "No matter what I do, nothing seems to change."
  • "Why does this keep happening to me?"
  • " What if my life never improves?"
  • "This is just the way I am."

Listen in today and get some solutions and get unstuck!

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I just know they are going to help so many people

"Joy! Thank you so so so so much for this beautiful session. You gave me so much to work with and I will be doing some healing around the solarplex/power struggle and the throat. I'm so grateful you are now offering these sessions and I just know they are going to help so many people. Thank you thank you!!"

~ Emmanuel Dagher

You are the maternal nurturing spirit sent to me

"This has been one of the most productive things that I have done for myself in my life. From racing with thought, my mind is now calm. This has allowed me many moments of pause... that allowed the elusive compassion for myself start to grow. You are the maternal nurturing spirit sent to me that addressed and are teaching me compassion for myself. That is a treasure." 

~ Logan Sutt - New York

I have examined all my thoughts during this time of growth and I journal, do clearing work and your word choice actually matched mine.

"Joy, thank you very much for these recordings. I wanted you to know that they were 100% accurate. I could check off each statement with True 100% because I have examined all my thoughts during this time of growth and I journal, do clearing work and your word choice actually matched mine. I didn't have to make anything fit. Amazing!"

~ Barb Lammi, Chilliwack BC Canada

I haven't been as reactive as usual and more proactive

"I was amazed at the accuracy of your scan & clearing! Focusing on your suggestions is keeping my mind off of worrying & stressing about things...I have been feeling amazing since the scan. I haven't been as reactive as usual and more proactive, meaning I'm taking action on things I normally would procrastinate on out of fear of making mistakes. Thank you Joy!"

~ Leesa Watt - Vancouver BC Canada

Your work is amazing

"Thank you so much for the recordings. I woke up in the morning knowing you had worked on me the night before. Your work is amazing, I have done a lot of different things in the past, but you are helping me to finally realize why I am the way I am, this is something I’ve always been looking for."

~ Margit Miller, Germany

I know I am releasing I and am so grateful for your beautiful support

"This one was deep! I really felt the shift with this one...you touched on so many levels. Oh my goodness, a lot came up in this clearing session!!! I teared up, got worked up a little and am now feeling relief...I am so very grateful for you!!! You are giving me so many tools to work with and it's like many curtains that
were blocking my vision and my clarity...you are lifting them one by one and showing me the possibilities and leaving me feeling empowered. Even through my tears, I know I am releasing I and am so grateful for your beautiful support. Much love...❤"

~ Lisbet Fuentes, Ohio USA

After the scan & clearing, my memory has improved immensely!

"The pain in my heart has lifted. I had also been having pain in my ovaries for 2 years now and..... they don't hurt anymore!!!! Really amazing. During this last year I had been having problems with remembering things. Sometimes when I had to do something that I had done all my life, I couldn't remember how
to do it. It really freaked me out, especially since my family has a history of Alzheimer's. After the scan & clearing, my memory has improved immensely!"

~ Daisy H., Belgium

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

"Joy, your scans & clearings have been so integral to my progress, especially since starting a brand new business from ground zero! I have required 'mental toughness with ease' during this process and I would not have accomplished the growth I had without your regular clearing sessions. I look forward to an
ongoing partnership with your help in ramping up to my next level of success. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

~ Lisa Seto, Vancouver Canada

That was one of the miracles from listening to your clearings!

"I was listening to the prerecorded money clearing and that night a lady called that I had worked on 4 years ago and had never paid me. She came out the next day with a check to pay off of what was owed. Whoo Hooo! That was one of the miracles from listening to your clearings!"

~ Patti S., Wisconsin

You are truly connected!

"Joy, thank you so much! Today's clearing was bang on. I was experiencing a lot of discomfort in my lower abdomen and you picked up on that without even knowing. Wow, Wow....I immediately fell asleep after listening and this is what my body usually does when it goes into a healing. You are truly connected!

~ Nancy, White Rock, BC

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