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Rev. Bryan Rawls
Psychic Medium, Galactic Shaman, Practitioner of Gypsy Magick and The Old Ways

Navigating This New Matrix

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Hello my name is Rev. Bryan Rawls. Since I was a young child about the age of 7, I have been able to see beyond the veil into the world of spirit. From the time I started school I knew I was different and felt that I did not belong on this plane of existence. About the age of 13, I realized that I could also feel people’s moods (happy, sad, etc.) One day a friend asked me “Who are you talking to?”, and I replied “My Indian friend." That is when I realized exactly how different I really was, and that no one else could hear or see my “invisible” friends.

I finally decided to speak with my idols. My grandmother and aunt explained to me my family heritage; a lineage dating back to the 1400’s and helped me to understand my place in the plan of “ALL THAT IS”. I am the first male in my family to have this blessing and that my mission in this life is to make a difference in the world. With great patience they began to teach me more about honing the abilities that our bloodline and my guides have bestowed upon me. These include clairvoyance (the ability to see), clairaudience (the ability to hear), clairsentience (the ability to feel), claircognizance (the ability to know), telepathy (the ability to send and receive messages with-in the mind), and as well as being a Shamanistic healer.

I began reading tarot cards and angel cards for family and friends with great accuracy. My family encouraged me, but my friends thought I was weird and strange. By Middle School I had become a misfit, having trouble with the teachers for talking in class to people only I could see. When I left school in 8th grade and began homeschooling, things got easier. I had split my day between schoolwork and spiritual studies. At 17, I got my first job as an Intuitive Medium on Circle of Stars, at the same time, going to school to get my Certified Nursing Assistant. At 18, I became a CNA, using my healing hands as part of my work, but it became too much, so I listened to the call to work full time for Spirit.

I have worked as an Intuitive Medium on high-volume hotlines such as KEEN, Psychic Live, Psychic Source, and Hollywood Psychics through which I have undergone a battery of tests. From 2006 to 2010 I studied Reiki, becoming a Reiki Master in 2010. I can channel many energies to help you with your questions, from spirit guides, angels, archangels, fairies, elementals, gods, goddesses, celestial beings, and other galactic energies. I devote myself to helping people find purpose in their life, provide guidance, as well as provide closure and comfort to those who have had souls dear to them pass beyond the veil, without the opportunity to say goodbye.

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Interview Topic:
Navigating This New Matrix

Greetings and Awakening during this New Matrix of energies that a lot of us are not comprehending the navigation techniques that we learnt within the New Age era. Here comes uncharted territory and brand new info from the council of light that is presiding over "The Book of Saharra" This light of the council will come and gift us with techniques and evidential timely information for us to come towards a new empowerment of self allow for a understanding of what's happening within the New Matrix 2018 called "The Book of Saharra" which will bring a new understanding of the matrix we live in today.

Bryan opens even new doors of experience, wisdom and inspiration

"Bryan channels profound healing energies and wisdom. With the ancient primal modalities of sound and vibration, he accesses a deep level in the physical and energetic bodies where release and regeneration occur. His sessions combine these ancient and authentic practices with a modern sensibility and practicality. I have had lots of healing experiences, but Bryan opens even new doors of experience, wisdom and inspiration. I would highly recommend giving yourself the experience of a healing session with Bryan! Thank you and Blessings."

~ Alicia Power

I feel blessed to have been referred to him

"When seeking the help from a healing practitioner, it can be quite daunting finding someone who is a good fit for what you're attempting to address. It's much like the first visit to a doctor's office where a report has to be established in order to have a successful outcome. Bryan Rawls-Dolzer, upon our initial introduction, immediately put me at ease. His voice was gentle and comforting. It was as if we knew one another from a past life. I quickly felt comfortable enough to move forward without any hesitation. Since this was only my second time ever dealing with someone who performed healings, I wasn't sure about what to expect.
Bryan took the lead once we finished discussing what my needs were, without hesitation he began to tune into my spiritual guide, council and angels. What I loved the most was that he explained everything to my understanding along the way. Though I am still a 'baby in training' with these types of healing modalities, Bryan helped me to understand the language and the style in which he worked. I feel blessed to have been referred to him and I know that when I have a concern that raises its head, I can contact Bryan and he is always responsive. His follow-up is awesome. Bryan shows his concerns for his clients in such a
manner that it feels like spending time with an ole friend."

~ Marilyn D.

Phenomenal work for a one hour session!

"A wonderful surprise was gifted to my family through Rev. Bryan's services. I contacted him for advice on selling my family home after my parents passed. Our hope was to align with a buyer who would enjoy the property with their loved ones as we had for sixty years. Rev. Bryan petitioned St. Joseph for our intention. We were blessed with a written agreement for the sale with the first showing. A young man purchased our family home as his first house with a bright vision for its future.

Much gratitude and love to Rev. Bryan for his guidance and service.

A few months later, my next interaction with Rev. Bryan was an Intuitive Session for myself. He provided an open, relaxed platform to discuss my intentions for the session. The session included mediumship work, energetic healing, light language, information on solar energy, ancestral and galactic history, spiritual knowledge, health and alternative treatments. Phenomenal work for a one hour session! After a short integration period, I will continue my journey of self-discovery with Rev. Bryan, improving my life for myself and that of others. Thank you, Rev. Bryan for your gifts that you share. Much Love and Abundant Blessings."

~ Janice, Pennsylvania

I was given a complete overhaul, realignment and cleansing of the Chakras

"When I first heard Bryan and saw his picture, I was instantly drawn to him. On our first session Bryan held a beautiful, caring space which made me feel total relaxed and very excited at the same time. I was given a complete overhaul, realignment and cleansing of the Chakras. I was very impressed about the high quality of clarity Bryan has and he was able to answer all my questions with clear insight. Bryan has started to open new doors of learning for me, taking me to the next level of awakening, illumination and remembrance. I am very grateful that I have had the great privilege of the start of a beautiful journey into the knowing of me."

~ Sue, Australia

I can't be more grateful for having his guidance and presence in my life

"I worked with Rev. Bryan closely for a period of 3 months when I was undergoing major shifts and transitions in my life. This period has been intense times of uncertainty, luckily with his help, I have been able to to proceed with clarity and certainty. I have worked with spiritual workers and life coaches in the past, frankly Rev Bryan has been the only one who has been able to provide me with the clarity I needed to know that I am moving in the right direction. For example, a recent opportunity came up for me to travel for an event. I was going to decide against going but Rev. Bryan told me to go. It turned out to be a trip that shifted my paradigm. I can't be more grateful for having his guidance and presence in my life. Thank you Rev. Bryan!"

~ Elie

There are few on this planet like you

"Today as always I am deeply grateful to have you in my life as an awakened, highly evolved being, true friend and very gifted psychic intuitive. Thank you for your assistance last evening in finding some Christmas gift certificates which I was sure had mistakenly gone out with the garbage. I had spent a good part of the day searching for them and within minutes you guided me to where they were. This is not the first time that you have assisted me in locating missing objects and as always I am amazed at the gift you bring to the planet, which I must say just keep getting stronger. There are few on this planet like you, Bryan, and those of us who have you in our lives are fortunate. With love and gratitude."

~ Jean Calloway

I am a firm believer in his gifts and talents

"I had a 30 minute general intuitive reading with the Reverend. We did this over the phone, which is amazingas there was no need to travel for hours to meet him. I was a little concerned that without seeing me in person my reading might be less accurate....NOT the Case at all, he proved that from the very first minute when I asked one (1 ) open ended general question about my future he hit the ground running; being on-point about my current job situation, about the coming changes, about situations and people without any words from my mouth.
I said nothing and just listened in marvel to him touch upon and answer almost all of the questions that I had written down without him knowing those questions. I never needed to ask because he included them in his guides messages for me! I am a firm believer in his gifts and talents; he did an activation during our session which helped to set me on the path on which I am already destined for and headed.
He is gifted. Reverend Bryan Rawls is the real deal! I am so grateful that my sister recommended him, he has given me the courage, confirmation and guidance needed to help me make the changes in my life to get on the path that I need to be on for my life's work using my gifts. I will (and have already) recommended him to others seeking confirmation and or clarity of their life's purpose etc. A session with the Reverend is nothing shy of remarkable. You owe it to yourself to have at least 1 session (and buy a package for a loved one! as a gift!!). Peace, Love and Light"

~ Devra Hasson

About 5 minutes in to the meditation I felt a noticeable "shift" in the energy in my arm and shoulder

"I was having a serious issue with my arm and shoulder where it was going completely numb at night and it felt like there wasn't proper circulation during the day which was starting to scare me. I remembered that I hadn't done your latest Full Moon meditation and felt guided to do it. About 5 minutes in to the meditation I felt a noticeable "shift" in the energy in my arm and shoulder. I noticed afterwards that it was almost completely gone and it continued to get better throughout the day. I no longer felt any discomfort, pain or numbness after about 24 hours. It was the most amazing experience and I am so grateful to have found you and all the magic you bring! Thank you Bryan!"

~ Donna Velasco

I feel blessed and very powerful

"Sacred Activations have helped me in many ways. It led me to getting readings and being more open to the right energies and the right people at the right time. I've been battling a lot of inner demons as we all do. The difference is after Bryan unlocked things that kept me from fully coming into my higher self, I immediately felt the difference oppose to regular meditations. Friends changed, energy changed, but all for the greater good. If it weren't for Bryan, I wouldn't be open to the Angelic realm. I feel blessed and very powerful. However, this wouldn't have happened if it weren't Bryan, so yes people, he is the real deal!"

~ Kenn Russell

Very illuminating and heart-expanding connection.

"I just had an amazing reading/Light Language activation with Bryan. His voice carries the vibrational attunements as he's giving the reading. The information he brings forth is on a very high level and connects you to your Star and Galactic families and your past lives, along with practical advise as to how to take care of your light body. Very illuminating and heart-expanding connection."

~ P.N., Washington DC

Thank you Bryan for a job well done and your magickal insights!

"Every session I get from Bryan is amazing and reveals further depths to his skills and natural born gifts which come pouring out over the phone. Bryan's abilities in Light Code language transmissions and activations resonate so deeply with me and each time I am astounded by his work. I have found Bryan to be genuine, multi-talented and highly gifted being well versed in Mediumship, Psychic Readings, Universal Channeling, and as a Highly talented Magickal Practitioner to name just a few of his skills. Thank you Bryan for a job well done and your magickal insights!"

~ Sherry Scott, LMT, MTI, RMT, B.Msc

I am very excited and overjoyed that he has honored me with messages

"Bryan is just like a breath of fresh air, talented, kind and full of a smorgasbord of spiritual gifts. His energy is powerful. I am very excited and overjoyed that he has honored me with messages, protective and healing energy through his channel. Much love."

~ Sherri Ellen

Bryan is the real deal.

"I had never met Bryan before. I worked on him with energetic healing and as a trade he “read” me and gifted me a brief session. He said that my dad was present and that he died of breathing issues and was sending me love energy. He also saw a pelican and my healing symbol is the fish and we all know what Pelican’s eat ;-). At the left is a picture that cannot be found on the web and there is no way he could have possible known any of this without ethereal help! It is from my living room mantle in my home. The book you will see is “Love Energy” (my father passed in his sleep in hospice with breathing issues) The white box behind that book Love Energy contains my father’s ashes and the picture over the mantle is 2 Pelican’s nesting. That should be all that you need to know in order to realize that Bryan is indeed gifted and truly dialed in on to something outside of ourselves. It takes a lot to impress and amaze me. Bryan is the real deal."

~ Jimmy Mack

I will have more sessions done with him, will recommend him to others!

"Had a great session with Bryan Rawls, had a Chakra cleanse and other things done for myself, I feel so much better and happier since I had this done, Bryan was spot on with the information that he gave me, I will have more sessions done with him, will recommend him to others!
Then I also ordered a second session for chakra cleansing for my pup Dottie, she is a 11 year old dog and has been going down hill for about two years now, she has problems with her hips and other places, I didn't have to inform Bryan of any of the places, he just picked up on himself, in fact the day we had the session for Dottie, she was laying on the sofa, that is what she'd been doing for the past several months, we were having a hard time waking her up in the morning, then when she did get up we had to talk her into going out side to do her puppy duties and or eat, when my husband would leave she'd want up on the sofa, she'd lay there till my husband got home from work, even with me trying to get her to do things during the day.
The transformation since Bryan did the cleansing on her is just so awesome. Today she got up on her own and came out and had her dog food, went outside and walked around, after my husband left to work she was walking around at different times of day, it's like a miracle, her energy is so happy right now, it's such a blessing to see her this way now, it's comforting to know that a lot of her pain has gone, I know she has some, but to see her walking around like that brought joy to my heart. Thank you so much Bryan!"

~ Earl and Candie Emery, Houston TX

Bryan’s help has and is continually shaping my soul’s plan

"Those of us who are aware that we are on a spiritual path know that it’s not the easiest choice to make in this life. Though, there is no turning back once your awakened self is making grander plans for you that you couldn’t possibly conceive. Along this journey whether its multidimensional, interstellar, or earth-laden we meet key beings that most always help us evolve to our next spiritual level. I have had the privilege of meeting a divine soul. Bryan’s help has and is continually shaping my soul’s plan. Bryan in finely tuned into your souls progression and will make decisions with the highest intent for you personally, as we are all unique individually, yet connected at the same time. I love the fact that he uses light language that connects with my heart as well as many others who have had the pleasure of hearing him channel. There is also an honest air about Bryan that I respect greatly! Keep up the great work Bryan much love and light blessings to you!"

~ Lilian Bramley

Bryan has such a keen way of interpreting his messages accurately and clearly

"I am a subscriber to the Goldylocks Productions Channel on Blog Talk Radio. The first time I listened to Bryan's show "A Magickal Journey" I became hooked. He sounded professional, clearly detailed and caring during his show. After listening to his show, I felt a strong need to get a reading. My personal reading was such an amazing experience. My experience with intuitive/psychics, is that they all interpret messages they get from guides in their own way. Bryan has such a keen way of interpreting his messages accurately and clearly. Which tells me he has an awesomely well developed relationship with his guides. In addition to his accurate readings, Bryan is flexible, non-judgmental, loving during your reading. He cares enough to make sure you understood. Bryan is a Fantastic people person. Thank you Bryan! I would recommend a reading with Bryan for you will walk away very pleased."

~ Diana

Bryan will not only take the time to patiently explain and lay out the framework for the catalyst of transformation

"Bryan is an exceptionally talented spiritual advisor into the esoteric arts of mediumship. I was fortunate enough to get a Guardian Angel and Spirit Guide reading from him where he was so acutely sensitive about the workings and ethereal aspects of my life and well-being. Bryan will not only take the time to patiently explain and lay out the framework for the catalyst of transformation in your life, but he will also carefully instruct ways to inspire the means for forging a prosperous path laid out for you. Bryan is very open and unwaveringly accepts questions with the utmost compassion and will take the time to provide a personalized and intrinsic reading tailored towards your optimal potentials. His ongoing free weekly specials that range from healing to balancing innate energies are an already added bonus that are coupled with his unabridged readings, so it would be a disservice to you if you didn't get a reading from Bryan today!"

~ Hoda Samadi

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Laurie Reyon
Expanding Your Consciousness with Dolphins and Whales

Listen to the Replay Here:

Alternate Player:

Laurie Reyon is an internationally known Inter-Species Communicator and Soul Healer. Laurie's gift allows her to speak to the animals and the Angels and translate their messages to humanity. She recognizes the Cetaceans as the ancients Beings and Master Healers on this planet. Laurie works in sacred partnership with Master Cat Puddah, and the Whales and Dolphins.

Laurie is a collaborating author of the bestselling book: "Whales and Dolphins Forever" (Available on Reyon is a film maker and in June of 2015 released their amazing new and transformational film “Ascension Guidance – Living in Your Sacred Heart.” This is the first film ever created by a human and a Master Cat that shares her wisdom with the world about consciousness and the next step in our evolution.

Her work includes boat trips and retreats to interact with wild and free dolphins and whales, where she translates the messages of the Cetaceans for everyone. She also facilitates retreats and workshops in many locations where people can swim with the dolphins and whales. Laurie is the creator of the Whale & Dolphin Energy Light Medicine work and school. The Dolphin and Whale Energy Medicine creates a Crystalline Matrix in the human form, activating dormant DNA and allowing the human to carry more Light, thus preparing them for Ascension.

Laurie is an Animal Communicator and teacher, a certified Akashic Records Consultant, a Life Path Intuitive and a Telepathic teacher. She offers an individualized Spiritual Coaching and Healing program entitled “Coaching into Consciousness”.

She is certified to teach the Munay-Ki, Shamanic Rites of Passage and Initiation. The Munay-Ki are the nine great rites of the Peruvian Shaman which clear and create your Luminous Light Energy Body.

Laurie has been named “Standing Whale Mother” by the Native Americans and she brings the wisdom and healing energies of the whales and the dolphins to the people, guided by Spirit and the energy of Master Cat Puddah. She has recently received information from the Whales and Dolphins on how to use their energy to activate and calibrate the HUMAN DNA and assist the humans in preparing for Ascension.

In 1994 she suffered an accident with complications and ultimately experienced a radiant Near-Death Experience during which she actually died for six minutes. She subsequently lived in Baja Mexico where she began interacting with the local dolphins and whales, being taught their wisdom and writing their stories and prayers.

Laurie is a steward for many authentic, monatomic, healing Andara Crystals.

Currently, Laurie and Master Cat Puddah work as an Ascension team. They operate the Omni-Dimensional Mystery School in Oceanside, CA.

Meet Master Cat Puddah
Master Cat Puddah is a Being of Ascended Master energy. This Soul has incarnated into the body of a cat five separate times during Laurie Reyon's life and continues to work in sacred partnership through their telepathic connection. Each time Master Puddah has brought Laurie many gifts; including wisdom, great healing, remembrance of her star lineage and the gift of telepathy. Master Puddah was instrumental in teaching Laurie to speak telepathically to the dolphins and assisting her in becoming a “voice” for the Dolphins. At present, “Master Puddah” is incarnated as a female cat whose greatest joy in life is to assist others in raising their vibration through her teachings and healing energy. Master Cat Puddah is an aspect of the Soul of Seth.

Master Puddah Quote: “I bring Awareness or Remembrance of Love from the Creator and One Source. I give birth to a Higher Love whenever that intent is given or allowed for in my presence.”

Get Laurie's Special Offer:

Interview Topic:
Expanding Your Consciousness with Dolphins and Whales

The Whales and Dolphins are the most ancient and spiritually advanced Souls on our planet. They tell us that it is time to upgrade

our systems and make a conscious quantum shift within our own operating systems. These Energy Medicine Systems of pure potentiality can create an instant upgrade for you. The processes work with your intention to heal and expand your consciousness.

The Dolphin and Whale Energy Medicine creates a Crystalline Matrix in the human form, activating dormant DNA and allowing the human to carry more Light, preparing them for Ascension.

The Orca are some of the most beautiful Whales in the world with their striking black and white contrast. They are actually toothed Whales and are the largest of the dolphin species. They are known by many for their intelligence, strength and wisdom. They commonly demonstrate their love and curiosity for us, and often create friendly interactions with humans.

The Cetaceans and Beings of Light access your Akashic Records and your original Soul Divine Life Blueprint. This exists within the matrix of the grid systems of the Earth. Your records also exist within the water molecules of Earth’s oceans, and can easily be accessed by Whales and Dolphins who are stewards for humanity. This work offers you an opportunity to access your original state of existence.

When interacting with the dolphins and whales you may, as many others before you, experience an accelerated change, growth and a deeper connection to your Soul. The processes will assist you in moving into higher states of consciousness and in raising your vibration.

Thank you for all you do to raise the consciousness of Humanity so selflessly and with so much passion and Heart.

"I want to thank you, Puddah and SamUel for the wonderful class Sunday. I just loved it and the information and processes were themselves a real priceless gift of healing and transformation.

Thank you for all you do to raise the consciousness of Humanity so selflessly and with so much passion and Heart. You are All a huge blessing, not only to your spiritual family but to Humanity and the Ascension process at this time."

Love, thanks and tons of blessings,
~ Anne

I still carry the sound of the Whales and Dolphins in my heart.

"I want to thank you for your hospitality and opening your home to us. I enjoyed meeting and talking to you and also of course interacting with your 2 very Enlightened companions Puddah and Sam. Puddah is indeed “Stunning” and “Extraordinary” and hilariously funny and many other good things too many to mention. And Sweet Loving Sam who gently coaxed to me to release the allergy pattern I was running for so many years. I still carry the sound of the Whales and Dolphins in my heart."

Much Love & Light,

~ Gina Crystal

It is amazing, after 44 years I did not know if I could ever release that overarching fear, and they did it so quickly, so lovingly.

"I have wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the meditation you did on the last MasterWorks healing site with the whales. It has literally changed my life. I realized I had all this anger and fear of people in my body, from not being touched and loved as a child, so I asked the whales to change my DNA to reorient that, and they did. It was so easy, and now I can be around people, and love them, and be grateful for all the beautiful people in the world. It is amazing, after 44 years I did not know if I could ever release that overarching fear, and they did it so quickly, so lovingly. Thank you Laurie and Puddah for the service you are to all of us here, and the guiding light you are."

~ Holly Jaleski

The most empowering and illuminating I've ever had.

"I have been thinking about writing to thank you and Puddah for the amazing reading. It was perhaps the most empowering and illuminating I've ever had. I started writing on my own -- baby steps -- and plan to sign up for one or two of your courses in the fall."

~ Belinda

Left Me Feeling Inspired Again!

"Thank you so much for this wonderful activation, blessing, connection. It's so nice to feel 'inspired' again. I would like to be with the whale medicine chants for group work. I understand we need to write you this request. Thanks over and over again for all you, Master Puddah, & Your Lovely friends are doing for the healing, uplifting of our entire world and cosmos.

It's an honor to be learning from you, Beautiful Standing Whale Mother. I love the power point & mp3. It was such a joyous, light, fun presentation. Thank you for your love & light."

Blessings all around,
~ Jackie

The gifts keep coming as our awareness expands.

"Thank you for your blessings and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too!

I got me to thinking of the many things I am thankful for and the three of you are at the top of my list! Because of you(s):
- I've learned about Animal & Angel Communications. This class opened the possibility of receiving a new kitten.

- I had a Whale and Dolphin healing.

- My sister and I experienced Blue whales and Dolphins and met John.

- We received messages from the Whales and Dolphins and know them as guides.

- I've become aware that I have a Soul. I didn't know Soul's were real. I thought they were a mythical thing. Now I can talk to my Soul and feel it's presence. This is huge for me. Gina knows of her Soul too.

- We received Lilli, our Angel kitten. She is teaching us many lessons.

-I talked to Binkie (cat) and Bear (tortoise) about the nephew kitten and received wisdom from both of them.

- I've talked to Seth, the Soul of Master Puddah in your workshop. . Coming full circle from reading about Seth as a teen.

- I learned about Andara Crystals and the Crystal skull, drawing me to learn more.

The gifts keep coming as our awareness expands. Thank you so much for forwarding me/us so far along the path and allowing me to discover my Soul. I look forward to working with you more in 2015."

Love and Blessings to you. May the coming year bring awareness to all.
~ Andrea

The experience in Kauai was transformative and miraculous.

"Laurie - I wanted to let you know too that the experience in Kauai was transformative and miraculous. The trip was about so much more than seeing whales, it was about connecting in spirit to our whale guardians and to each other and finding and supporting our healing paths. In that respect, the connection and the events provided everything I was looking for.

I want to honor your courage in leading an effort like this - it is very difficult to be the leader, planner and (in some cases) lightning rod for the experiences of an entire group. You handled the pressure and the exigencies of circumstance remarkably."

Love & blessings,
~ Cathy

Thank you so much for your love and support and your wonderful work.

"Bengal was found safe yesterday evening, just the next day after you told us you hoped we found him that day. He was hiding in a storm drain on a street not far from the area you told us he was. He called out to two ladies with their two girls. Just the day before, you had been telling Bengal it was time to come out and call to somebody. Thank you so much for your love and support and your wonderful work."

~ Curtis & Ada

Today the land here feels even more blessed than usual.

"I've been thinking of you and Puddah today, and am so glad for the wonderful and healing class yesterday! Today the land here feels even more blessed than usual and I think it was because of all the loving intention that was lighting up here as a result of your and Puddah's presence and the meditation & time we all shared together. So, dear Laurie Reyon, I love you very much, and thank Goodness I get to share these wondrous times with you. I'm grateful for your helping me and us bridge our minds and hearts to the Cetacean Nation, and to the millions of forms that reflect the One."

~ Jeanne Arthur

You give awesome dolphin news; you are the best.

"I was very glad to have your message and now it is saved so I can hear it again. Angels must have known I'd like that. Very sweet and most inspirational. You give awesome dolphin news; you are the best. I have felt a life transition and many of the things felt familiar but it is so good to have it laid out so beautifully. I have been connecting in the heart and I will re-invite the angels and dolphins as you suggest. I live on a creek but will go to ocean as time allows. Again, thank you!"


We’ve both felt like we have become so much more sensitive to energies.

"Thank you and Puddah again so much for our consultation on Saturday! I just wanted to send you a love note to thank you sincerely and let you know how we are doing. We’ve both felt like we have become so much more sensitive to energies and have gotten back into our practice of meditating in the morning before work, and then in the evenings once we’re both home. I’ve been focusing on your unity breath meditation, and the flowing energy feels so good. It feels like we’re getting more in sync now which is really great. So we’re both wanting to do our part to keep growing together and have a happy life and your guidance for us now has been wonderful!"

Much love and aloha,
~ Malia

My heart feels more at peace.

"I appreciate the healing energy and words that you shared with me today. There was a good clearing for me that happened and my heart feels more at peace. Thank you again...I will continue to forward your name to others."


~ Linda

Thank you Laurie for showing me these.

"Wow! Something extraordinary is happening!! You definitely have the right energy for these celestial angels! Thank you Laurie for showing me these! And thank you for the session today, it was really good!"

~ Mayda

Her words brought so much warmth.

"I was just finishing up the first part of the class and I wanted to thank you for allowing us to connect to Master Cat Puddah. Her words brought so much warmth and touched me so deeply and I wanted to share. She advised me to ask for the Universe for help in overcoming abundance blocks I have that are also there because of the judgements I've been holding on to. She asked me to join in one of the live classes and meet her and you in person. She said that we could bond and have a great time together. I'm definitely taking what she said to heart and I'm grateful for all the wisdom and knowledge she has given me. I'm really loving the class and thank you for all the wonderful work you are doing!"

~ Anika Ray

I am joyful and humbled by the energies and the well being.

"My sincere and deep appreciation to you and Master Puddah and the whales, angels, guides and spiritual emissaries that came and paved the way....I am joyful and humbled by the energies and the well being...Thank you and much gratitude for expanding the energies of knowledge, awareness, heart, and more than I can possibly imagine! I know the unfolding will continue and I am so, so, so, thankful for the moments!"

Much Love
~ Shannon

I feel it helped me in many ways.

"Thank you so much for our time together. I feel it helped me in many ways.
I am going to work on your message and the tools you've given me in the movie and your CD's. Looking forward to finding myself!!"
Thank you,

~ Pam


"I just wanted to give you a quick update... Since Sunday, I literally feel like a new person. I feel SAFE, PROTECTED, and LOVED!! I feel like NOTHING can hurt me. I'm not a stress case where I'm worrying about things. My attitude: IT IS WHAT IT IS...It feels great not to feel like the world is against me. I'm trying to pay attention to my surroundings for messages and whatnot. I look forward to increasing the SEER in me 🙂 On the healing side, I do Reiki. I did Reiki on my boyfriend Sunday evening and my hands heated up almost instantly!! It was the coolest thing ever!! Anyway, just thought I would share!! Can't wait for the rest of the Munay Ki Rites!!"

~ Sara

Our gratitude is overwhelming.

"I just wanted to let you know of the miracle that occurred after your Animal Communication workshop. After my sister got home from you class, she and her husband, Eric, had a conversation with their cat, Elf, and apologized for the trauma and confusion caused by his surgery and all the veterinary drama. Then Elf got up and ate for the first time in days!! He is going to live! Today, he is behaving normally!! Yesterday was a sacred day for her and it saved her life! Our gratitude is overwhelming! Thank you so much!"

Love and blessings!​

~ Laural

My beloved has returned.

"I just wanted you to know that you were right! I spoke to you the first week in February when Punchy passed away. You told me he would find me in September and I did! My beloved has returned! I have to tell you what has happened…. Wondering if I can schedule a time to call you as this just fills my soul with gratitude. I have never been this aware of the power of source energy and my connection to it. Thank you for your connection and help!"

~ Stacey

A deeper healing of who we are.

"Your free flowing heart has touched me beyond words, acknowledging my inner being while birthing my soul potential! Laurie shares and gives to each of her students her heart and loving presence while Master Puddah, her cat, guides her to a deeper healing of who we are meant to be here on heaven's earth. The combination of Laurie and Master Puddah, blesses us with their joint love and light."

~ Blessings, Angelina

Thank you for teaching this to me and passing along all your insight and knowledge.

"I listened to the recording today and loved it and so enjoyed communicating with the Archangels. I will keep practicing along with the animals as I want to get better and try to perfect this gift of telepathic communication. Thank you for teaching this to me and passing along all your insight and knowledge in this area."
Take care and many blessings,

~ Judy

I wanted to write as it had such a profound effect on me.

"I'm not sure how I first came across your website but I purchased an MP3 recording of last weekends session with yourself and linda shay. I wanted to write as it had such a profound effect on me. Even though I listened to the recordings almost one week later I feel I have benefited from it immensely - I'm not sure how given I'm so many miles away in England and wasn't there on the day but still I'd like to say thank you! ☺️ I don't know why but just felt the need to say hi and make contact."
With love and light to you,

~ Deb
Buckinghamshire, UK

I have so much gratitude for your help.

"I wanted to let you know how much you have helped Callie. By going down her list of meds and having her say “no” to 2 of them, may have saved her life. I worried if it was the right thing. I just talked to her cardiologist about her fainting. I mentioned the 2 pills she no longer takes, and she said, “GOOD! When her blood levels for her kidneys got that high, she shouldn’t have been on them. That’s probably why she’s alive.” (Her regular vet didn’t know that… your channeling helped with this life saving measure.) I have so much gratitude for your help. Thank you again."

~ Elaine

I am personally a great admirer of the work Laurie does as 'Whale Mother'.

"On December 20th I had been down with a flu bug for two weeks. Although over the worst of my systems in the last couple of days I had suddenly become nauseated and the extreme fatigue was still with me. My Xmas house guest (my twin sister Judy) had arrived the previous day and in three days it as Xmas Eve followed by Xmas Day. Both those days had large family celebrations to go to which I was very excited about. But there I was struggling to even feel up to doing anything. Laurie emailed me about her Master Mind Class schedule which I am a part of. I answered her email and from a desperate desire to feel better for Xmas I asked her if she Puddah and the Whales could give me a healing. She responded back at 10.45pm saying that although she had just got back from the ballet she would start the Whale healing with her and Puddah participating. I thought 'how generous of heart' she was to do that so late in the evening for me.
I awake the next morning immediately feeling in a totally different state, both mentally and physically, and was so pleasantly delighted with the immediate shift. I knew instinctively the healing Laurie and the Whales had given me had taken effect that quickly. As the day went on I still continued to feel this miracle of healing in my body and my energy was almost restored to normal. I thanked Laurie and asked her if the she, Puddah and the Whales could give me a little 'boost' healing. Apparently she did as the next day all signs of the flu, nausea and fatigue had totally past and I was back to normal, excited and ready for Xmas with my family and extended family feeling happy and energetic.

Over the past several years I have worked on many levels with Laurie, Puddah and the Whales in many other healing's and instructions. They have always had transformational shifts in and for me. I am personally a great admirer of the work Laurie does as 'Whale Mother'. She truly has a very unique relationship both personally and working with them. What a team.

I am so excited about the new adventure she, Puddah and the Whales are on to pass down all the healing gifts and wisdom they have shared together these many years and pass on these modalities to others that will pass them on again to future generations to Heal and Awakened, both individually and collectively as we All Ascend."

Love and tons of blessings,
~ Jackie Lanes

My thoughts and my heart feel lighter.

"Here's something I notice regarding how I am feeling - my thoughts and my heart feel lighter. I used to be naturally joyful, but since the bullying and now struggling to make money, I've been carrying a burden. For a couple of days before the session and today too, I have had an inkling of my old self."
Thank you,

~ Barbara

I am shifted completely since I activated my Merkaba through your coaching.

"Thank you for such an amazing experience! I’m in such Gratitude and no words can describe the shifting since I’ve met you. I am shifted completely since I activated my Merkaba through your coaching. Happy thanksgiving and looking forward to Monday!!!!"

~ Amanda Marie

An incredibly strong whale energy was present in and around me.

"I just wanted to let you know that after I wrote my last message to you last night, an incredibly strong whale energy was present in and around me. I felt the energy move through my brain and then entire body. I then felt to merge with a whale and the energy filled the room. Strong sensations were affecting all of my cells, powerful tingling…and all I could do was lie down it and allow. I have and have had for about 9/10 years strong connections with the Akashic records, libraries, information, DNA, human DNA, humanity’s DNA (part of all my travelling around the world the last 8 years). Last night was a reconnection to something I have deeply known and, it feels, have been finding my way back to.
I look forward to working with you further."
Thank you.

~ Helen

Laurie your narration is terrific...the tone, timing, voice , etc are PURRfect!!!

"Thank you so much for the healing session the other night. Thank you for the movie. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it & you!!! It is a wonderful reminder of things & sharing of of new info or things transmitted in a different way. The "bury your brain" always makes me laugh !
The bit where Laurie is hugging Puddah & Puddah is meowing makes me smile & laugh.
Laurie your narration is terrific...the tone, timing, voice , etc are PURRfect !!!
I wish I could teleport myself down to Oceanside & be with you in person."

~ Barbaras

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Dipal Shah
Quantum Health Reboot: Your One-Step Solution to Infinite Health

Listen to the Replay Here:

Alternate Player:

Dipal Shah is an international speaker, Master healer and Medical Intuit. From a pharmaceutical, biochemistry, and business background, she has transformed her life from an often stressful career on a path that brought her to an awakened spiritual journey of healing. Through her journey she not only learned to heal herself, but to bring awakening and healing energy to many lives.

Her private sessions and programs touches the foundation of the body, psychological and physical levels and bring awakening and healing energy to her clients. She uses energetic technique for healing and balances every organ, gland, and system in the body. Her guidance connects to the body as a whole and address any miss-alignments along the spine. She dives deep within the body to release and dissipate any emotional and physical blockages. Her mission is to help release the pain, illness, and disease that holds anyone back from discovering and achieving their true purpose in life.

Get Dipal's Special Offer:

Interview Topic:
Quantum Health Reboot: Your One-Step Solution to Infinite Health

  • Discover the pattern that is causing the diseases in your body so that you can start to heal on the emotional, mental and physical levels
  • Get unstuck – Identify and process the suppressed emotions and past trauma that are keeping you from enjoying the good health, happiness and success that you deserve!
  • Learn and accelerate the Secret to transform your body and your youthfulness
  • Discover "The misalignments of your Hara line" that are causing your diseases and keeping you from being the person that you are meant to be.
  • Experience a Quantum Health Re-boot through the hidden channel in your body

Rosacea In my eye cleared up immediately, cancelled dr. appt.

"Not sure how Dipal did it, but I am so amazed at the results. Definetely not what I expected in 1 session!! I have been dealing with Rosacea in my eye for years and was getting ready to go to the doctors in 2 days because it started up again. My rosacea flares up at times and when I met Dipal she could see that my eye was watering, stinging, red and I was in pain. I couldn't even open the eye. It was so hard for me to see. In one session with Dipal the pain , watery eye, stinging, all went away. I could keep my eyes open and they were no longer irritated and red. I was so happy that I even cancelled my appointments with the physician. It has been a few months and still no sign of rosacea in my eye, that one session did the magic. If you have not tried Dipal’s work, I highly recommend her for anything that may be going on in your body. She has the power to transform your body within minutes."

~Peter, Hotel owner

I can hear again, my ears feel lighter and looser

"Dipal is observing the body with her intuition. She surprised me by noticing that energy from my spine was spreading to my ears. And would you know this improved my hearing! My ears feel lighter and looser now. Next she dissolved a deeply upsetting emotional issue in my family. Gently and easily she disassembled generational pattern and installed mutual acceptance and harmony. After Dipal sent me the replay of the session I listened many times over. Each time I felt lighter and happier! Thank you very much Dipal and thank you Eram for connecting us with such amazing healers!"

~ Arati

Swelling in my foot finally gone after months of problems

"Dipal Shah is a gifted energy worker with a sweet soul. My feet had gotten very swollen and painful over the past few months. I had never had this problem before. I tried many different things to address this with only marginal success. Then I had a session with Dipal where she worked on each foot for fifteen minutes. I could feel tingling in different places in my feet as she worked! I went to bed and the next morning both feet were completely back to normal. No swelling at all! It was amazing! I have rarely ever seen such powerful and quick results! Thank you Dipal!"

~ Deonna Phillips

Pain in my sternum Gone forever

"I had this horrible pain in my sternum. I visited a couple of doctors and none of them could find what was going on. This pain went on for months. I had Dipal work on it and within a few minutes it was completey gone for good. Thank you so much Dipal."

~ Chandni, Lawyer

Gained my Energy Back and my Thyroid Health

"After my session with Dipal, I felt more awake and energized. Normally it is very difficult for me to wake up and get moving. I am always tired and sleepy. A session with Dipal I felt so much more grounded than ever beofre. I felt lots of energy buzzing around my thyroid which is what we worked on during the session. I also am continuing to listen to the Thyroid MP3 as suggested and I could feel these subtle changes for several days. After a few days I went to the doctor and all my tests for thyroid came out normal. I can’t thank you enough."

~ Tammie

Inflammation in my hand subsided and movement in my fingers without pain

"I was playing volleyball and completely bent my index finger back. I was in excruciating pain, I couldn’t move my fingers and wasn’t sure what to do since I was in Mexico visiting. I had a session with Dipal immediately after the mishap and thank goodness I did. Within 30 minutes I was able to move my hand and fingers and the swelling subsided. Thank you so much Dipal, don’t know what I would have done without your help."

~ David, Physician

Energized, Confident, and Grounded

"I truly enjoyed my healing session with Dipal a few weeks ago. I found her to be very intuitive and accurate in her reading of my energy.She cleared and balanced all my chakras/energy during our time together. I also received a spinal adjustment which eased my lower back pain. She cleared so many cords that were linked to my past experiences. Physically, I felt very relaxed during the session. and felt the energy being moved. I ended up getting to sleep early that night as my body needed to integrate all the energy being cleared. The next day, I felt so energized! I still feel really light and happy. I find that my confidence has increased as well as she worked on that too. I feel so much more grounded and more focused. Emotionally, I released some deep sadness and grief that I thought I had dealt with. I feel freer now and at peace with everyone and everything.

Dipal is a great healer, so easy to talk to and very generous.I really appreciated having a recording of the session. I got to listen again and got to clear even more.I feel so blessed to not only have met Dipal but received a wonderful gift of healing as well. Thanks Eram and staff for gifting me with this. Blessings to all ♥"

~ Lucia

Severe Lower Back Injury Healed

"I have worked with Dipal and really enjoy her sessions. A couple of days ago I had a healing session with Dipal for back and sleep aid issues. I noticed a difference almost immediately in discomfort and pain levels in my spine, and now 2 days later there is very little pain that is noticeable, which says a lot about Dipal's healing skills, since I had a severe lower back injury recently . I will continue to work with her on the other issue, since I can notice a shift there as well. I feel that her healing energy has expanded and grown since previous sessions, and even then it was extraordinary.Thank you Dipal , I'm very grateful for your Divine assistance"

~ Neela

Dizziness is completely gone and Entities Cleared

"I was having 5-7 dizzy spells a day and it was disrupting me in school. I could not focus and had trouble in class. I had one session with Dipal and within 30 minutes she removed 8 entities. From that day foward I have been free of those aweful dizzy spells and free from the entities that would come at night for my soul. If I had gone to a doctor they would have put me on medication and all I did was have a session with Dipal."

~ A.S. , Student

No More Pain, Increased Energy, and better Focus and Clarity!!

"I found my healing with Dipal Shah to be a profound and powerful experience, one that can help you shift in a new positive directions. Dipal is a Medical Intuit with incredible insight and what seems like xray vision. She first addressed the mis-alignments in my spine, hips, and joints by releasing energy blockages and helped me ground more fully into my body. My left side was higher than my right, indicating I was half in my body and the other half wanting to leave it, kind of like, I just don't want to be here. Amazingly, Dipal was able to guide me to places that needed to be healed, particularly places that I didn't even mention, she worked on major organs, glands, the reproductive system, and while doing this, I felt intense energy moving in all areas that she was working on. Since then I have decreased pain, increased energy, with better focus and clarity. What I loved the most, is Dipal Shah's fun loving personality, her energy is contagious in the best way possible, it makes healing all the more fun and pleasurable. Dipal I look forward to working with you further in the future."

~ Maria

Cravings stopped, Motivated, and Lossing Weight

"I want to loose weight so during a group call I had told Dipal to help me with this issue. I have been trying to loose weight for a while now and felt stuck. I am not sure what happened but I don't feel that I am craving food that much. I found myself using our nutribullet type blender everyday and I am not eating as much. I also found myself using our treadmill for at least 20 minutes without a struggle. I am also going to continue using the weight loss mp3s. I feel that I am making progress in releasing my excess weight. Thank you!"

~ Liz

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Elio Pagliarulo
Healing Codes Music
Beautiful Music for Your Healing

Listen to the Replay Here:

Alternate Player:

Elio's music is infused with intention and each piece is created to evoke specific emotions to stimulate the body, mind, and spirit to healing. The relaxing, and peaceful sounds of Elio's music, including the Healing Codes Music have been described as "glorious, pure, soul reaching, deeply loving and divinely inspired". This music can evoke deep relaxation and meditation by stimulating the body and nervous system into alpha and delta brainwave states. Take your healing to the next level with Elio’s empowering and evolutionary music.

This is not just music! This is music with intention and purpose to heal the body and affect the environment in which it is played with the vibrations of peace, harmony, goodness and above all love. Elio's music, with its lyrical and sweet melodies, is used for meditation, inspiration and for mind and body practices such as yoga and tai chi.

Now sold in 66 countries around the world, Elio’s music is reaching out to all corners of the globe to promote and facilitate his highest intention: To create powerful music which heals hearts and spreads LOVE throughout our planet.

Get Elio's Special Offer:

Interview Topic:
Beautiful Music for Your Healing


  • About the Music for the Healing Codes and how it compliments The Healing Codes discovered in 2001 by Alex Loyd, PhD, ND.
  • The benefits of listening to music between 40-60 bpm
  • The benefits of listening to music in 528hz Frequency
  • How music heals

“My son Jake had a liver transplant 9 days ago. Elio was so kind to send me his music to do the Healing Codes for Jake. I have been playing the music for Jake during his recovery and noticed something very cool...Jake had a rough time coming off the breathing tube and when he did he needed extra oxygen for a few days. His breathing was hard and fast into the 60’s on the machine (it should be in the 20’s/early30’s). I started playing Elio’s the music and in less than a minute his breathing went into the 20’s and Jake looked so much more relaxed. This was not a fluke because every time I played the music his breathing would return to a normal pattern. The nurses were amazed at how it would drop into normal zones so fast. I wish I took a was so amazing. =) There is video of Jake waking up from general anaesthesia today after a procedure. I played Elio Pagliarulo’s music for an hour before he woke up. If you have ever been under general anesthesia you know how horrible it is to wake up. We usually have to hold Jake down and work hard to keep him calm. Not the case today! See how calm and chill he is..and he had perfect vitals too."

“Hello Elio, wanted to thank you for your Music. I received it a couple days ago and have been playing it each night. The Healing Codes music was excellent, but the TRUTH seems to go even beyond that. Listening to the entire two parts from Grief to Truth is a real journey to feeling better on all levels. Your music is helping me release the emotions that have been stored within my body & emotions from the past, as well as helping me release those that are being collected by me each day. Thank you for sharing your Divinely inspired gift for helping people to heal and rejuvenate."

“Dear Elio,Thank you so much for your music. I'm down with Acute Bronchitis at the moment and this was a LOVE answer to prayer. I am feeling rebalanced and focused. Thank you for the unique music that you give so lovingly."

Get Elio's Special Offer:

Christine Day

“The Pleiadian Promise”

Listen to the Replay Here:

Alternate Player:

CHRISTINE DAY’s powerful and heartbreaking personal story has inspired audiences throughout the world. Born and raised in Australia, Christine experienced a traumatic childhood involving cult ritual abuse. In 1986, following a diagnosis of advanced systemic lupus, and having been told she had just two months to live, Christine experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, which enabled her to move into a place of self healing. She has now been symptom free for the last twenty-six years. Over the past two and a half decades, Christine has become internationally renowned as the Pleiadian Ambassador, as a gifted spiritual teacher, healer and channel.

Get Christine's Special Offer:

Interview Topic:
“The Pleiadian Promise”

“Now is the time for the Pleiadians to play their most sacred role in the history of our earth plane.”

The Pleiadian Promise sets in motion the activation of a divine fulfillment to be revealed to humanity what has been hidden from view until now. Through a series of blessed revelations you will be aligned deeper to a natural aspect of your own humanness and spirituality. Awaken to new levels of Truth and clarity while activating new energetic templates within you, transforming the physical and energetic systems of your body. This is a turning point of self-resurrection to your pure high consciousness form. Accompanied by thirteen channeled audio files – giving you a direct experience with the Pleiadians through multidimensional levels of light initiations.

I keep pinching myself to see if this is a dream

"'The Pleiadian Promise'… this book is beyond is so so so amazing....we are ready for heart is so inspired that we are here and ready for this next step...or should say leap....the Pleiadians and Christine are truly amazing...I keep pinching myself to see if this is a dream? It is like a dream...but our New Reality....I am so grateful that I manifested you and Christine in my life...With the greatest of love,"

~ C.D.

Thanks for your continued support...

"Thank you so much for your work and the transmissions. You have supported me in in-numerous ways. I do not have enough words. Your transmissions especially the light language hits real deep into my system. You have taken and opened me into new dimensions which I did not know exist. Thanks for your continued support, I hope to be as courageous as you are, I hope to hear the voice so clearly that the word courage is not needed. It would be a simple yes, a simple step forward. Lots of Love Many Regards"

~ Anumeha

​I opened and met my sacred heart.

“I could really feel the energy around me, in me and through me. I especially enjoyed and appreciated all the time given to integrate the energy. Thank you for assisting me in opening and meeting my sacred heart”

~ M.S.

I gained a lot of insight...

“This was a very heart opening experience for me. I feel I moved through a lot of blockages and trekked through my emotional ‘baggage’. A lot of insight was gained and I appreciate the help I received from the Pleiadians to do so.”

~ J.W. one could feel forgotten or left out

“Very well run and organized. Safe and loving environment. Christine’s open heart includes every participant – no one could feel forgotten or left out.”

~ M.M.

Met...with love and assistance for the first time in this lifetime

“The most moving and powerful spiritual experience I personally have ever experienced. Well thought out, planned and executed for sure. Yet the unquestionable and sincerely genuine-ness of Christine Day is the powerful force that allowed me to relax and start what I feel is truly me. Meeting me with love and assistance for the first time in this lifetime. I am humbly grateful.”

~ C.S.

 Released a great deal of negative emotions...

“When I committed to do this work two weeks ago, I immediately began experiencing the frequencies which helped me to release a great deal of negative emotions, thoughts and blockages. Thank you so much for your devotion to your soul and the collective consciousness of humanity.”

~ D.D

Purest work ever encountered - not just another high!

“This work is by far the ‘purest’ I’ve encountered. It is healing and transforming and clearly anchored and integrated – not just another ‘high.’ Christine is brilliant, warm and totally ‘present’ with an open heart. I highly recommend the Pleiaidan Seminars for anyone who is ‘serious’ about their role during these transformative times.”

~ T.G.

...will never be the same

“This has been one of the most amazing experiences in all my life. I have been transformed and will never be the same. Thank you Christine, the Pleaidians and the Creator!”

~ L.G.

My heart is open, my mind is quiet!

“I enjoyed every minute of the seminar. I feel I am walking away with valuable tools to combat a society riddled with fear and anger! My heart is open, my mind is quiet and I thank Christine and her Pleiadian team for their generous loving vibrations.”

~ G.L.

I am rejoined in my spiritual home.

“This was the missing piece to my spiritual journey. I have found a new enlivened path but at the same time feel like I am rejoined in my spiritual home. Truly a life-changing event. Christine is a beautiful, talented woman who has pushed us thru the initiations and made my understanding of the Pleiadians very real. I became aware of my sacred heart. Thank you.”​

~ M.M.

I know now that starting with a change of myself will bring me where I need to be.

“It is hard for me to find words to explain my experience. It was very transformational. I have felt very strongly that I am here to ‘change the world’ but I have struggled with the ‘how’. I know now that starting with a change of myself will bring me where I need to be.”

~ S.E.

Beyond the extraordinary experience!

“I highly recommend the Pleiadian Seminar to anyone who would like to take an evolutionary step on their awakening. This work is performed with the highest level of integrity. Beyond the extraordinary experience.”

~ L.C.R.

I feel new.

“The energy felt of a high vibration and truth being spoken. Christine Day is a Master/Teacher. Some great learning imported and high energy transmitted. I feel new.”

~ C.S.

...this was truly a work of the heart.

“The warm heart-ness I encountered from all involved, beginning with Christine Day and going to the staff and participants immediately let me know that this was truly a work of the heart. I have been honored to be a participant.”

~ B.L.

The tools I need.

“This seminar has taken me to my next level of transformation by guiding my in conscious intention to experience multi-dimensions by connecting through my heart. These are the tools I needed and need. Thank you.”

~ K.C.P.

Truly a blessing without comprehension.

“I have no words to describe how BLESS I AM to have attended 3 Day Pleiadian Seminar with Christine Day! I know deep inside of me, how transformative this has been and will continue to be. It is truly a blessing without comprehension. We human beings, Mother Earth, all Kingdoms are so blessed to have here now, the pure Ambassador of Pleiadian Light! Forever grateful to you, Christine and the Pleiadian sisters. Thank you. Love you.”

~ M.L.

Most amazing experience!

“One of the most amazing experiences of my life. Thank you.”

~ E.B.

Complete balance!

“Everything that happened in class was for me, complete balance and appropriateness. Christine Day’s expertise in these energies allowed me to grow and expand. Her love and integrity was pristine. Thank you!”

~ M.K.

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Peter Schenk
Light Body 5.0

Listen to the Replay Here:


Alternate Player:

Before creating Modern Day Mystic, Peter Schenk developed software to bolster the fortunes of one of the largest financial institutions on the planet. But after a turning point in his spiritual awakening, he realized he was intended to serve a greater purpose. Since that time, Peter’s gaze has been fastened to improving the fortune of humankind, helping to prepare humanity for the New Age.

Inspired by the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, Peter applied his skills as a world class IT engineer to find a link between Dr. Emoto’s work and mathematical and quantum principles. In 2007, Peter succeeded in reducing the force behind all creation to a mathematical integer he called “Sourxe Energy.” This became the foundation for a completely new kind of software – capable of harnessing the power of numbers to manage the intensity and focus of Sourxe energy when used in concert with a human being’s innate ability to focus intention. This breakthrough led to the first version of Aquaware software.

Today, Peter continues to develop this underlying technology into a family of hyper-focused software tools that synergize mystical energy and quantum principles with the power of human intent. The software continues to receive accolades and positive testimonials from users who report life-changing results, and Peter is dedicated to spreading its use far and wide, for the betterment of humanity and peace on Earth.

Get Peter's Special Offer:

Interview Topic:
​Light Body 5.0

Peter Schenk, the Modern Day Mystic exists to help you take control of your destiny, fortune and happiness by harnessing the awesome energy that governs reality. This is not about “wishing and hoping” ­­– we have merged ancient knowledge with quantum physics to give you a laser-focused, digitally-accurate creative power that gets results. Our vision is to help shepherd in a new age using innovative, quantum energy-based technologies.

Simply Beautiful and Effective

Well Peter, as I said before, the Light Body is to me one of your most beautiful creations!

And I can only recommend this to anybody who is sincerely interested in transformation.

Transformation starts within us, caring and energizing the vessel we reside in first, so that we can make an energetic and loving difference in this world.Spring is as good as a time as any to consider to detox, cleanse and re-energize, to shed what weighs us down, and to nourish ourselves optimally.

I have no doubt, that using the Light Body will help in the manifestation of these and other intentions.As an old latin quote states “mens sana in corpore sano”, which could be translates as “A healthy mind in a healthy body” – ah,wouldn’t we like to have this – to be this?!

Peters Light Body is simply beautiful and effective!

I would even go as far as to state that just looking at the graphics could help to rebalance one’s system while staying with the intention.

Great addition to my life!

Peter’s latest version of LightBody5 is about so much more than shedding pounds. Self-love, Body-love. I find myself doing more and more to support my body’s health and well-being. Synchronicities are happening of having products and people come into my life that contribute to my body! This software is simple, extremely fast and effective. Every morning I fill up a 30 oz container with warm water, organic lemon, organic coconut oil, and organic apple cider vinegar. If I don’t use this software every morning, I miss it! It’s great for getting a lot of water in my body right away, and I’m taking care of MySelf, My Body. Love it! Great addition to my life!

~Judy Anderson, Jazz Up Your LIfe with Judy

Get Peter's Special Offer:

Jade Yin Hom

Intuitive Healer

Listen to the Replay Here:


Alternate Player:

Jade is an Intuitive Healer with over 18 years of combined experience in health care and alternative healing. She has facilitated over 8,000 people to overcome health challenges, breakthrough limiting paradigms and regain a sense of self-worth.

Jade is known for her ability to tune into subconscious and inter-generational issues. She facilitates her clients to transform chronic health, financial and relationship issues by shifting energetic patterns in the body from the cellular level to the etheric and from the personal to the archetypal.

While Jade has always had an interest in exploring human potential, it was through her own struggles with an autoimmune disorder and depression that she learned to access her own magic with energy alchemy and reprogram her subconscious beliefs to heal herself. These personal struggles helped Jade to realize that we are here to be wildly alive and shine our light.

Around 2013-14, Jade went through an intense period where she received spontaneous activations almost daily. Her Spirit Guides showed her how to re-imprint high vibrational states such as love, compassion and joy in timelines beginning with the first 40 weeks in-utero so that imprints from lower vibrational states of survival can be transformed and transcended. This deeply healing work Jade now shares with everyone along with facilitating powerful activations that awaken the healing abilities in others.

Always working on the cutting-edge, Jade innovates products and services that invite you to embody wholeness, experience more joy and unlock your full potential. She invites you to step out of limiting paradigms and shine your light so that we can all contribute to raising the consciousness of humanity.

Get Jade's Special Offer:

Interview Topic:
Personal Empowerment to Activate Your Dreams

  • What keeps you from living your dreams?
  • How are you still affected by your 40 weeks in-utero development and your first 7 years of life?
  • What can you do to free yourself of the negative subconscious programming you received in your first 7 years of life.

How do you know if you are living your own dreams or someone else's dreams for you?

During the show Jade will do some subconscious reprogramming around anger and fear -- as this is coming up for all of us to work through -- the fires in the Pacific Northwest and the hurricanes in the Caribbean and southwest. Fire is anger or inspiration and fear is the water element or a call back to oneness -- as all of life has water as a basis for existence.

Huge inspiration and shift

"I loved my session with Miss Jade. She was communicating with my soul! I have waited many lifetimes for this. She was able to see and share my mission and she inspired me with her phenomenal way of seeing the beautiful spirit coming alive in me!

I was deeply touched by her joy-filled laughter and her expressing awe in how we can affect the world with loving words and kind actions. Wow!
I feel a huge inspiration and shift since my session with you."

~ Barbara Clayton

Healing prostate condition and improvements in a number of areas

"I felt relaxed, calm, loved, seen, and cared for during the session. Jade worked on my teeth and gums, which had been troubling me for many years. She scanned my entire body, energizing and helping to improve a number of areas I needed help with, including my prostate, the Ph balance of my digestive system, my anti inflammatory response, as well as a few other areas.

I have been sleeping consistently through the night since our session 2 weeks ago instead of having to get up to urinate 2 or 3 times. Wow! Amazing work!"

~ Gary Pincus, M.A.

Receiving hundreds of dollars unexpectedly

"Hi! I would like to share that I bought a package when I first heard Jade on a show. Within the first few days of listening to the mp3s I started to receive hundreds of dollars unexpectedly and on day 20 of the 21 days someone gave me a gift of $2000 dollars, completely out of the blue!

When I bought the package I thought I literally can't afford it. I decided to use my last dollars to buy it anyway! What a blessing it turned out to be!"

~ C.L from Canada

No neck pain, no back pain and clearer vision

"I woke up and felt amazing today. No neck pain, no back pain and my vision seems clearer. I ate a really healthy lunch and seemed to be generally more efficient and active today. Can't wait to see what else unfolds!

Thank you so much, Jade. Your work is powerful!"

~ Jill K.

Broken ankle able to bear weight after a few minutes of energy healing

"I recently worked with Jade briefly on a telesummit, and I asked to work on my broken left ankle. I had broken it two weeks ago but over the years I'd sprained this ankle a lot. Jade worked on my energy and helped me to release some emotional and physical trauma from the ankle, some deep-seated stuff and patterns that went way back to my childhood. I could feel the emotions rising within my body as she worked on me and after the call my heart was literally smiling.
In the past couple of days I've been able to put some weight on the left foot which is amazing. I was so excited by Jade's work I jumped on her 21 day miracles package and I'm super excited to see what this will bring. If Jade can do this in a few minutes work I look forward to seeing what we can do together if we work together longer. Jade is a gifted, talented and gentle healer and I'm excited to see what unfolds"

~ N. Kaur

Shifts Blocks to Self-Love and Ancestral Patterns

"Jade Yin Hom is truly the most Gifted Healer, her energy and warmth puts you at ease immediately, and her compassion, wisdom and clairvoyance are astounding. From the very first Skype session I had with Jade, I knew I was in the presence of a very special Energy Healer & Gifted Intuitive.
Initially I was drawn to Jade’s 21 Days of Money, Magic & Miracles Program, to help transform my financial blocks. I soon learned that within this program Jade gives so much more than just clearing money blocks. Jade channels amazing multi-dimensional loving energy & she brings through such beautiful healing, emotional clearings and transformational energy shifts.

Jade’s healing work incorporates many generations, to get to the root of the issues. Within the 21 audios alone, Jade Yin Hom is truly the most Gifted Healer, her energy and warmth puts you at ease immediately, and her compassion, wisdom and clairvoyance are astounding. From the very first Skype session I had with Jade, I knew I was in the presence of a very special Energy Healer & Gifted Intuitive.

Initially I was drawn to Jade’s 21 Days of Money, Magic & Miracles Program, to help transform my financial blocks. I soon learned that within this program Jade gives so much more than just clearing money blocks. Jade channels amazing multi-dimensional loving energy & she brings through such beautiful healing, emotional clearings and transformational energy shifts. 

Jade’s healing work incorporates many generations, to get to the root of the issues. Within the 21 audios alone, Jade brings through Higher Energies that shift self-love blocks, shift ancestral patterns, and connect us to our Higher Self. My words cannot do justice to how beautiful these audios really are.

I cannot speak highly enough of the Live Video Sessions called Zoom hangouts that Jade offers in her programs. These sessions were life changing for me, as Jade generously shared how to shift subconscious blocks using a profound yet very simple techniques.

Every Divine Audio, every Group process and every 1 on 1 Session with Jade is a precious gift you will never forget.

Thank you Jade, you truly are a God Sent Gifted Healer. I appreciate you with all my Heart!"

~ Diana M.

Feeling 50 lbs lighter

"I was really grateful to get a 20 min session with Jade and she has to be the best healer I have ever come across. I don't know what she did, but it was definitely magic!

 I came off the call feeling 50 lbs lighter.

I am telling everyone I know about her. Her work is absolutely fantastic. Highly and strongly recommend her!!"

~ Charlene

More Possibilities and Magic along with physical changes

"Wow, Jade decided to contribute to awakening of humanity by offering free sessions to more than 8 000 people!!!

She is truly a gifted and generous healer.

When she worked with my mother, I was there translating for them, and was not only observing my mother experiencing a lot of sensations in her physical body and her energy field shifting, but myself, feeling/sensing presence of a very powerful energy in the room. I also witnessed my mother going through a lot of emotional clearing, but at the end of the session she was smiling, and felt so much more calm and present, then before the session! She kept saying to Jade,"Thank You, thank You, thank You!"

My own session, that happened a few hours later, was amazing! Jade facilitated me into the world of more possibilities and magic along with working on my physical body and it's systems!

My body and my spirit loooved being in the energy that Jade was bringing in/channeling!

Jade's session is a real gift!!! Treat yourself, contact her through her fb page, and be prepare for some awesome time with her, no matter if you are a healer(like myself), or think you can not feel energy (like my mother)!"

~ Adelaida Ravinsky

Jade is Amazing

"Jade is absolutely amazing and wonderful. Extremely welcoming and has a great, genuine concern for the well-being of her clients. It was an honor to meet her and work with her."

~ Antonella C.

Mental Health Professional

"Jade is a powerful and intuitive Reiki practitioner who is knowledgeable about and incorporates many other modalities as needed, such as cranial sacral work. When I laid on the table, I could immediately feel the strength of her energy , and she know exactly where to focus on in my body. She is also very personable, upbeat and fun -- great qualities to have in a healer."

~ Maya N.

Skilled Reiki Practitioner

"I took Reiki 1 and 2 from Jade. What I appreciated most about her is the fact that she is legitimately skilled yet unpretentious. Jade is very personable, compassionate, and has an innate ability to connect with people wherever they are at emotionally, energetically, or geographically.

We were discussing people I would like to do a remote healing session on, and she tuned in to someone I thought needed healing. She was able to identify specific personal details about the person that I did not mention anything about, such as their actual weight in pounds (230lbs) and what medication they were taking for health problems seemingly unrelated to the reason I thought they needed the healing in the first place (prednisone).

At the end of day 2, I was to practice Reiki on a model patient. She walked me through the whole thing, and explained what she was doing in the energy field, etc. The patient, responded to the treatment very strongly, especially when we changed techniques. After the session the patient said the movement of energy she felt was so strong it was almost uncomfortable at one point. I found all of these things both reassuring and fascinating, it's not as though the patient could see what we were doing.

I was skeptical that I could do it. Reiki opens you up to your natural abilities, whatever they are, everyone is different, and with practice you hone your skills. When it came time to perform Reiki on an actual person, I felt a wave of intense fear. I did not express this until the session was over, because I didn't want to ruin it for the patient receiving the treatment. Jade was so encouraging the whole time, especially when I told her about my intense fear. I felt very comfortable being myself with her. She taught me techniques specific to things I am going through. She encourages you to embrace whatever you're feeling and finds joy in the fact that you can identify it, then helps you overcome it. At least that was my experience. I learned so much about myself in one weekend, it's beyond me."

~ De M.
Reiki 2 Practitioner

Powerfully Gifted Healer

"Jade has a God given gift to help you realize your dreams and ideals and uncover your truth. She is a powerful healer and her energy, clairvoyance, wisdom and intuition is beyond anything I have ever experienced.

She has been blessed with profound gifts to change perceptions, heal, remove energy blockages from your life, attract abundance and tap into the essence of YOU and YOUR purpose in this lifetime. As human beings we get stuck in energy patterns - with family, friends, relationships and in our careers - Jade has the ability to tap into powerful universal energy and release you from the shackles that have been holding you back from achieving your heart's desire.

Jade has a wonderful, gentle, humble and peaceful way about her. Her beautiful teaching method involves a basis of personal discussion, real life examples, practical tools and wise guidance. She instinctively and intuitively knows exactly what you need to develop as a healer and integrates this understanding into her teaching. I am proud and honored to have graduated as a Reiki Master Teacher under Jade Yin Hom and could not have wished for a more enlightened soul to learn from and pass on the gifts of Reiki to the world.

If you want to transform your life, live your dreams, move energy and trauma that is holding you back and assist your body to heal disease, Reiki treatments with Jade are highly recommended.

Some people are born into this world as healers and have the ability to impact lives. Jade is one of those rare, wise, old souls that has the gift to connect to a higher source and will guide you on a miraculous journey of self discovery."

~ Rayne Brickman
Tibetan Usui Reiki Master Teacher

Her Abilities are Intuitive

"Jade’s integrity and expertise in the work that she offers is impressive. Her passion and deep interest in helping others was evident during the entire session. I had only visited her once because her intuitive use of her techniques was so thorough the issues I was dealing with dissipated…I highly recommend her as a practitioner and healer."

~ Diana Ruiz

Depression Overcome and Hypertension Resolved

"My experience with Jade Yin Hom has been very transforming. As a Professional Engineer my inherent skepticism and analytical nature set a certain level of expectation for me. I can tell you that Jade has impressed me in every way. I find Jade to be extremely knowledgeable about energy medicine and healing. My experience has helped me to open my heart and through the process see healing occur in my family on many levels.

On a personal level, Jade has helped me overcome depression, resolved hypertension and other stress-related ailments. (all verified by MD). In addition to healing health issues, Jade’s skill with energy has helped not only my business to grow rapidly but has helped me nurture all my personal relationships. I am sure that Jade has the knowledge and skills to help anyone achieve their personal goals and a whole lot more as everything is energy."

~ Jim F.

Healed My Immobile Arm

"I had experienced a great healing session with Jade in both Matrix Energetics and Access Bars™. She is an awesome Being and Healer and contributes to deep healing. My right upper arm was in tremendous pain, it was not mobile. After just a few minutes with Jade’s hand on my arm, I fell into a calm and peace and the healing began. The next day, my arm pain was gone and my arm was mobile again.

I will definitely be back and know she is in my life for a long time."

~ Sonia P
Spectrum Energy Healer, Spiritual Alchemy Intuitive Coaching, Teacher and Facilitator

Showed Me How to Live a Passionate Life

"Through working with Jade I have developed a powerful sense of self. I have already begun to let go of what needs to be gone, and have started to live a more passionate and energetic life.

Jade creates a very warm, trusting and safe environment that allows me to relax and receive the full benefits of her work. I am very excited to continue to work with Jade and to see how my life will be transforming."

~ Sarah T.
Project Manager

Learned to Treasure the Present

"I could write pages of praise for the benefits of our work together, but will confine myself to the most obvious and rewarding changes–which are apparent not only to me but to my friends and family.

Since we began distance healing via telephone, I’ve experienced a surge in energy and awareness, which has led to some very positive changes in my day to day life. Over the past few months I’ve become both more organized and more creative. As I continue the long process of decluttering this century-old house, I’ve begun exploring ways to use precious metal clay to enhance my fused dichromic glass jewelry.

I find myself immersed in the present moment, the NOW, while treasuring the lessons of the past and looking forward to each moment as the future reveals itself.

Thank you for the gift of your friendship and for blessing me with your intuitive, healing energy."

~ Diana Copsey-Adams
Artist, Medical Writer & Editor

Opened Doorways of Change

"I have known Jade for a few years and from the very start I felt she was astutely aware of subtle energies.
When Jade worked with me, she opened huge doorways of change and gently nudged me to walk through such changes effortlessly. Her incredible insights and healing energies have helped me tremendously move past my fears, emotional barriers, and physical discomforts. She is very non-judgmental and I always feel safe with her.

I never thought such an unassuming person would have such a profound healing effect on me. Please see for yourself. Jade can truly help you."

~ ​​​Therese
Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Saved My Life and Soul

"I want to THANK YOU so much for the healing sessions I’ve had with you. I was in my deepest state of depression. I didn’t even have the energy to do basic chores like walking. I have always been very high energy (talking fast, walking fast and doing everything in lightning speed) but the depression I was in sucked the life out of me. It took so much effort to even walk. I had no drive or motivation and was also having an extremely tough time focusing. I ended up making mistakes every single day at work.

I noticed the big 180 degree shift when I walked out on the street right after my first healing session with you. I realized that with every step I took, I was more energized. I noticed it also took much less effort. My energy field was much improved as well and I definitely felt that the feeling of despair and depression were reduced. I have been out of that state of depression since that healing.

Thank You so much, Jade, for saving my life and my soul."

~ ​Jade N.
Executive Assistant

Major Breakthroughs in Healing

"Jade is a most awesome healer. I met Jade about a year ago, I was guided to her as I was in search of healing for my teenage son who was going through tremendous difficulties. On first meeting Jade she provided valuable insight to my son and myself. Her intuitive knowing and healing gifts quickly addressed much of what was blocking my son from loving himself. She provided validating information about his unique gifts and talents as well as mine. She opened the doors for healing for my son as she presents authentically as a warm, kind, loving, uplifting and insightful guide and healer that lends well to the healing process. She assisted in healing to promote the self validation and self love needed to move forward.

Throughout this past year my son and I have continued with Jade and have made major breakthroughs in healing ourselves and moving forward towards our life purpose. My older son and daughter have both been open to seeing Jade as well and in meeting and participating in healing sessions with Jade they too have been able to move forward and are more open to healing energies and modalities. My oldest son in his thirties now has also been open to distant healing and I am truly excited for the healing of my family.

Jade has been a major catalyst for my own healing in very profound ways... I received my Reiki 1 and 2 attunements over a decade ago and was a blossoming artist and healer but due to many life changing circumstances lost a connection to myself. my own power, my life purpose and had major artist blocks. Over the course of the last year with the assistance of Jade, I have overcome the blocks to self love, I have gained tremendous insight on caring for myself, breaking away from patterns, habits and thought forms that do not resonate with my higher self. With Jade's assistance I have reached a place of owning my own power, celebrating my gifts and talents and defining my own life purpose as a healer, artist and catalyst for change in our world. I received my Reiki Master this past Fall with Jade and I now continue with a renewed sense of self to become the awesome healer that is truly who am I am.

As I continue forward on this exciting journey forward along with all of my children I express my deep gratitude for the amazing and truly gifted healer, Jade Hom.

~ ​​​Laura C.
Tibetan Usui Reiki Master

Great Information and Guidance

"Jade is an extremely gifted healer and teacher. She teaches with great respect for the healing modalities and the student’s intuition. You will get a lot of great information and guidance from Jade but not a lot of programmed instruction. Instead, she will offer her energy and not prohibit you from expressing your own healing methods in your own way. She gives so much respect to the Reiki energy and the intuitive nature of the individual healer. It really allows one to form his/her own relationship with the healing art without much interference from the teacher.
In short, I recommend Jade as a very talented teacher and healer. If you have the ability to trust yourself and want to culminate your own intuition as a healer, then Jade will provide a valuable infrastructure for your growth."

~ ​​​​​​Scott B.

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Carol Keppler
Reverse Aging: Why Wait Until You’re Old?

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Alternate Player:

Carol Keppler
Your Pet--The Other Member of Your Family

Listen to the Replay Here:


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After working for several years to design a program to heal herself, others who hard about the amazingly fast and comprehensive effects were inspired to try these fast, easy and affordable Altwaters System themselves. They also shared stories of sick pet enduring medical procedures that more often than not left the animal on daily medications which vets admitted would shorten their lives. So was born the discovery of the way to cure could put all the frequencies any animal needs to turn around -- a crisis situation. One 2-ounce formula in just 7 days works on multiple levels (including past-present-future). She calls it AltWaters Vet-in-a-bottle, a way to take any animal not only to health but to keep them that way with a weekly dose of this most amazing formula. Mission Accomplished!

Get Carol's Special Offer:

Interview Topic:
Reverse Aging: Why Wait Until You’re Old?

Learn how you can reverse the aging process and start Youthing...

  • Regain the energy of your younger years
  • Produce your own Human Growth Hormones (HGH) for life
  • Alleviate years of stress/emotional overwhelm
  • Rid yourself of hereditary and other health issues before they become problems
  • Be pain-free without drugs
  • Discover how it feels to have all body systems working to perfection
  • Stop taking a gazillion pills and rink yourself healthy - with a quart of high frequency water a day
  • Who needs to pay $15,000 to have their stem cells rejuvenated??
  • Cleanse your body to the bone marrow - it only takes 12-weeks!
  • Learn about Your "3 Ages": "Chronological Age"; "Mirror Age"; "Biological/Funtional Age".

Interview Topic:
Your Pet--The Other Member of Your Family

  • A special system that is as easy as putting droppers of a water based formula in your pets mouth twice a day for 7 days on a small amount of food you know they will eat.
  • No more Vet bills -- thousands of dollars saved!!!
  • Learn about “Zohars”, if you are one, your pet may have Zohar issues too!
  • Past lives with you as master must be considered when emotional issues become problematic.
  • Using a pet psychic is fascinating. Better have a good one!
  • Medications may be adding serious side effects on an already sick animal
  • What is the best diet for a healthy animal. Choose using your good intuition.
  • Feral tendencies can be reversed sometimes in 7 days!
  • Punishing an animal for bad behavior can backfire.
  • Be wary of bad trainers! They may cause more harm than good!
  • Can pets come back to you after death?
  • How do we handle the aging of a beloved pet?
  • P.S. Our pets are smarter than we give them credit for…

I used Altwaterstech formulas Inflammation, Well Pet and No Pain No Itch and once the cheek swelling popped I could see there were 2 puncture wounds he must have been bitten by something

One day my 12 year old Labrador/Chow came in with a slight swelling under his eye. I noticed it and decided to watch it. In several days time he couldn't open his eye the swelling had overtaken his cheek...I put aloe vera meat directly on his cheek and wrapped him up with brown gauze you would see on a sprained ankle. He only kept it on for about 5 minutes and shook it off.

I used Altwaterstech formulas Inflammation, Well Pet and No Pain No Itch and once the cheek swelling popped I could see there were 2 puncture wounds he must have been bitten by something. He healed up nicely and he got the poison out of his system. If I had put a cone on him, he wouldn't have been able to scratch himself and open up the wound so it could drain out. Dogs are so smart, they know what is best. He is as good as new now.


Rowdy is a 9 year old Maltipoo with the sweetest disposition ever, a very happy, playful and exuberant dog. He smiles with his eyes. I had a stint of 3 years with ticks and put my dogs on the tick medicine (poison) because I could not STAND having ticks in my house, on my dogs, in my yard. I had the issue for 3 years and sprayed the yard, put diatomaceous earth around the perimeter of the inside and outside of my house and it got dust everywhere inside and I knew when I put the medication on Rowdy's back it was not a good thing as he is a white dog with very pink skin.

He began to grow a tumor on his ankle one that dragged if I walked him on the asphalt. It got to be very graphic and disgusting and bigger and bigger. I finally took him to the vet as he told me it needed to be aspirated and then sent in on a slide and looked at as if he took the tumor off it might grow right back. The vet called with terrible news, it was a low grade carcinoma localized to the limbs so it wouldn't travel to anywhere else but another leg and the leg needed to come off the vet said I could talk to a surgeon but wasn't sure the margins were there to get it off and not have it grow back.

I was very upset, I called Carol and spoke to Judith at length and they told me to work with them and we would figure this out and we did and it's been about 8 months and Rowdy has been on X factor, Z formula, inflammation, no pain and well pet over this time period and been on x factor more than once and well pet is part of his maintenance. I sprayed his tumor with no pain and colloidal silver and

Carol happened to tell me as I was giving her more and more graphic pictures of the tumor to let me know when the hair started growing on it again. I looked and it was being absorbed back into his leg and the hair was growing back and he could walk without it dragging on the asphalt ( I was reluctant to walk him as the tumor would get scraped by the ground and look pretty rough when we walked so I had to pick him up a lot but he cried if I took my other dogs and didn't bring him). Carol told me a walk was just what he needed to keep the lymph glands working so he is now absorbing his ugly tumor and has his spark and zip back and is not licking it incessantly every moment and I can go to bed with him on my bed without hearing him lick all night. He never licks it any longer as it is not full of poison any more. THIS IS A TRUE MIRACLE, MY DOG GOT TO KEEP HIS LEG. Thank God I am not a dog and have my limbs and physical body in the hands of a human who decides whether I get to keep them or not.

~ Sandi Barrett

Graphic Images Below

Thank you and sweet blessings to our Aunt Carol and AltWaters Technology

We have had fabulous results with Well Pet! Our 10 year old comfort retriever, Cashmere, had a cough that wouldn't go away. I gave her 5 1/2 droppers in her water twice a day for 10 days and it cleared her cough! Love it! Thank you and sweet blessings to our Aunt Carol and AltWaters Technology love Cashmere and her parents!

~ Linda R.

The leg was perfect and of course there was no gangrene

A friend of Sally's has a very small Chihuahua and a picture frame fell on top of his little leg causing a lot of pain and discomfort not to mention the leg looked almost broken. She took the dog to the vet and he wrapped it and stapled it without anesthesia and she heard the dog crying in the back of the vet office.

After a week she took the dog to another vet who unwrapped the leg and said that gangrene had set in and that the leg needed to be amputated. Susie, the owner called, Altwaterstech and said "what are those formulas I keep hearing about? Could they help my dog?" We put the dog immediately on Well Pet and she took the dog to another vet and the vet unwrapped the leg, the hair had grown back where the dog had been stapled with no anesthesia and the leg was perfect and of course there was no gangrene. Susie isn't sure if there was ever gangrene.

A word to the wise don't let the vet take the dog out of your sight to go work on him, have him do it with you in the room. The leg needed to be set not stapled. The dog is good as new and the owner is thrilled she didn't listen to the vet and give permission to take his leg off.

Her owner is absolutely delighted and shocked she has made such a massive recovery

She was on Well Pet for awhile for her skin issues and it really worked for her. Once she got well the owner kind of forgot about maintenance. A year or more went by and his friend called Altwaterstech and said "What was that stuff you sent out here for the dog, Suki.?" Altwaterstech re evaluated her again because she was pink, irritated, licking all the time and lethargic. Altwaterstech put her on X and Z and Well Pet again and almost immediately the hair started to grow back, and today I found out she is behaving like she's a puppy again with all her energy back. Her owner is absolutely delighted and shocked she has made such a massive recovery! They don't understand it but are beyond grateful it worked and was SO affordable!!!

WellPet was the one that got him back to his normal self again...Young at 16!!!

My miniature Dachshund, Barton, has been taking the Altwaters We!Pet System since 2011. He just turned sixteen on November 10, 2015! WellPet has been awesome! Even at 16, my dog is still strong. He loves to wrestle with other dogs- even with dogs three times his size like Dobermans and pitbulls, swim in the pool with his life vest, and go hiking in the mountains. So many of my friends and neighbors are shocked to find out that he's this old. With his vibrant energy, he still looks and acts like a puppy.

At times, I get scared for the health of my dog. He tends to eat anything he finds on the ground which poisons his system. When I got the fake interior grass in 2011 so I wouldn't have to take him out during the cold winters in Newport, RI, Barton ate parts of the fake grass causing massive diarrhea, uncontrollable urine, nausea, shivers etc. After 5 days of WellPet, he was the same as normal.

He also had parasites and a heavily swollen anal gland when we arrived in Honolulu in 2014, WellPet was the one that got him back to his normal self again.

No Drugs for Mosquitoes Needed: Even after three years of living in Hawaii, a veterinarian was shocked and thought I was crazy that I didn't have Barton on anti-parasitic medication knowing that Hawaii is known for its mosquitos. After doing a parasite test, even after three years, it was all negative

Potential Cancerous Mass on anus disappeared!

Just last month, I had to rush my dog to the emergency hospital since he was constantly licking his anal gland, causing it to bleed. The veterinarian told me that she found a mass on his anus and that he might have cancer. She gave me over $250 worth of antibiotics and painkillers. I denied all the medication. I then asked Carol for her advice on how to use the Altwaters System. After 7 days of using Altwaters, I noticed that my dog stopped licking his anal gland, and that he was his energetic self again. The veterinarian technician followed up five days after the hospital emergency visit asking how my dog was. They were concerned since he didn't have any medication. I told the veterinary technician that my dog was back to his energetic, playful self again. He never needed their poisonous medication in the first place.

I realized that it's hard to convince people, especially doctors on this powerful medication system. As a dog owner, I know that it's the most powerful use of technology. What's best is that it's not poisonous to the system. When my dog is sick, I am confident that 5 drops of Well-Pet twice a day with either a spoonful of cottage cheese or goat milk on a little plastic bowl is more powerful than anything else out there. I refuse to go to a vet anymore or give my dog any form of synthetic medication.

WellPet is all I need.

Get Carol's Special Offer:

Karen Lagrange
The Crystal Matrix and Custom Pyramids

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Karen is a natural born Healer! Having a session with Karen has the potential to transform your life. She is a powerful channel for the Angelic Kingdom and for Loved ones who have transitioned.

In a private session, or on the telephone Karen tunes into you to create a Custom Pyramid just for you, that is unique for You! Karen was Divinely led by Spirit to start making these pyramids and using highest vibrational frequencies of copper, and, Herkimer diamonds, real diamonds, other precious stones and 12 of most powerful stones in the world for positive transformation and raising your vibration!

Karen’s pyramids take days to make and are made in layers and have exactly the energies you need to transform multi issues that are keeping you blocked and stuck in your life. She uses the highest vibrational crystals and metals to bring about healing and clearing to the homes and office space of her clients.

Karen was Divinely guided to get the Crystal Matrix and start making these pyramids several years ago. 
Both clear your energies, the Crystal Matrix works in the moment – as Karen helps and talks you through the clearings. The pyramids reveal their powers by their sheer presence! Like when her husband was diagnosed with Cancer, Karen made pyramids and put them under his bed and in his room. His cancer is undetected!

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Interview Topic:
The Crystal Matrix and Custom Pyramids

A natural born healer, empathic healer specializing in Reiki, Light Weaver, Re-connection, Light Language, Tarot Cards and Candle Magic. Karen knew she was different and never really fit in. Learning to meditate, she could manifest 10,000 of dollars and to help others. She began making pyramids as she was lead by Spirit and using highest vibrational frequencies of copper, crystals, sand, hamite diamonds, real diamonds, etc.

By tuning into your energy, each pyramid is custom made! They can bring you healing and change the frequency in your home. Case in point, when her husband was diagnosed with Cancer, Karen made pyramids and put them under his bed and in his room. His cancer is undetected at this time. Karen is here to remind people to "believe, ask, believe and then receive.”

Shift Back Pain, Money Blocks

“Karen’s work is powerful and her intuition is out of this world. She has helped me shift my upper back pain, issues with a tooth and money blocks. What a gift to receive healing from Karen Lagrange. Her generosity of spirit and kindness is evident in all her work — to me that’s the mark of a great healer, the kindness of heart that just flows into all her work with you."

~ Jade H.

Severe Pain is gone!

“Karen’s crystal matrix has been really helpful. I had severe pain radiating from my right hand to elbow where I could barely move or even hold a cup of tea. 1 session with Karen and her crystal matrix started the healing process and within 24 hours, I was no longer in tears from the pain and within a week, my right side feels nearly 95% without doctors and pain killers. Karen is a true miracle worker. I love the buzzing feeling I get with the crystal matrix is working. It is an experience that will change you.”

~ Kate D.

Most Evolved Intuitive Spiritual Healer…..

"Hi this is a testimony to my deepest and sincerest thanks to the most loving understanding and quite possibly evolved intuitive spiritual healer I have ever come across in my years of study and research. It’s no mistake that Karen Lagrange is the real deal body mind heart and soul. She has an uncanny ability to see into who we are all the way through she feels when she’s taking you through your journey what she sees in you to herself. It is my honor and privilege to have come into her path through being led by my mother so that I might and would find my purpose. I’m 58 years old I’m a mother of three and I’m a lover of all mankind and all animals. My heart has been a victim of many unfortunate circumstances that led me down the path that brought me to who I am today and for that I am eternally grateful for Karen."

~ Tania Robichau

Cleared Issues that were around for Decades! Physical Issues resolved!

After my purchase of her custom pyramid during a personal session she cleared mother issues that I have been working on for DECADES! The energy was intense and very palpable. She cleared so much . . . I thought I was living inside a very Lucid Dream. People started treating me very differently; I was getting cooperation, respect, and dare I say it. . . . Generosity! I had always been sensitive towards others and had a compassion that I felt would kill me as I always gave too much . . .and never received it in turn. I can say “No” now if I get the feeling I am being taken advantage of.

I have been using the pyramid pretty much daily for 2+ weeks since receiving it and have had incredible physical healing: my feet have been swollen causing me to have problems with walking and finding comfy shoes – used pyramid . . . swelling Gone! Have had problems with my lower legs with hardened spots/nodules – used pyramid, almost all of them are Gone. Had some problems with pain in a kidney causing problems sleeping – used pyramid - No Pain, sleep like a baby. Had a very bad injury to my shoulder that was taking more than 18 months to heal – used pyramid, almost at 100% RESTORATION. Have had a problem with one of my knees causing me much constant pain while awake and during sleep. Was afraid that I would need a surgical replacement – used pyramid, almost at 100% Restoration.

Am Amazed and Very Grateful for her work. I just had to tell you, so please post this to your site. Karen, YOU Are a Gift to me and the world. Thank You . . . THANK You . . . . THANK YOU!

~ Gigi B.

Karen has amazing insights!

"Want to say a heartfelt thank you to Karen Lagrange who is a wonderful healer with a huge heart that will always do what she can to help. To say my life has change for the better since I became friends with Karen Lagrange is an understatement! I have one of her pyramids and that has bring so much healing, joy and smoothness to my life. Her healings whether it be emotional, physical or mental are amazing. She has amazing insights to the problems which I never even connected them until she mentioned it. If you are wondering whether to have a session with Karen or to purchase one of her pyramids, I would say go for it!!! Your life will never be the same, it will only get better. A word of caution, with the pyramids, be open minded. It may not be what you wanted or pictured (mine certainly wasn't what I pictured it to be until I realized it is what I needed at the time), but it will be what you needed for your highest good at that point in time. Keep that in mind and you will always reap the benefit!!"

~ Kate Daniel

Back feels so much better!

"Thank you Karen Lagrange for the clearing yesterday. Karen picked up right away on the fact that my problems started on 3 days before on Monday. I had some backache between my shoulders and thought it was wierd but wondered if it was some sort of energy but I also had an upset on Monday that bugged me and she mentioned a bug so I was more stressed about that than I thought. She cleared that energy and I feel a lot better today with more energy so thank you so much."

~ Catherine Hildebrand

Finished Unwanted Patterns

"Thank you so much Karen for today's healing and insight. It is so good to be over and done with that planetary rewind of "deja vu all over again". As if it wasn't challenging enough that first time around. Still thinking about all the "mothers" I have had around me in my life and today anyone of them could have been with me. Belatedly Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers in my life. And I just love that peacock pyramid. Must be the colors.”

~ Diana Krewinkel

Now I Love Myself!

"Thank you Karen Lagrange so much for helping me through my stress in difficult times you are amazing n so calmly listen and say ok let's go (do you love love yourself unconditionally)I did not love myself so that stuck in my head ,yes now I love myself hope one day I can afford the amazing colorful pyramid thank you again"

~ Mehar Serang

Cleared Stuck Energies

"Today I called in late as I had to drive about 70 miles for an appt! Got stopped on highway on sharp incline in 90 degree weather plus my dog was with me! I remembered Karen was on the show today and called in, raised my hand and they took my call! I was beyond grateful as I have many things going on and under a time crunch. Karen and her crystal matrix cleared many things and when she was done and I did some breathing and stretching, not only did some energy shift but I climbed back in my car and completely stalled traffic started moving after at least a 1/2 hour or more of not moving an inch! It was one of the things I asked to clear! Called in the power of my pyramid too with Karen's loving direction and viola! It was off the charts AMAZING! So happy I remembered and called in and raised my hand! So much love and many blessings!!"

~ Gerogia Siegner

Released from Hospital Sooner

“Karen thank you for the session you did on me with the Crystal Matrix box. It did amazing things for me. Am feeling fantastic. Sounds like they will be releasing me a lot sooner from the hospital now. Thank you for my beautiful Pryamid it is really powerful. Sending you love sweetie.”

~ Sandra Rae

“When you gave me a reading you was right on. when you did your clearing My whole body tingling. I love it”

~ Sarah, Kansas

“Hi Karen. I just felt your Pyramid experience video. Karen you are truly gifted. Love and hugs."

~ Kathy

Use Pyramid during meditation for wonderful results

"Sleeping with my pyramid on the bed, allowing it to tune and heal all aspects of my energy fields. Also resting it on my chakras during my morning meditation. Using it to receive and send intentional energy in meditation too. It feels tingly when I do that!”

~ Clara Yonca Yalcinkaya

Pyramid Cleared My Lungs! Healed my Knees!

“I have one of the 1st pyramids Karen made it's small but more powerful than I ever knew, was fighting several lung infections at once, nothing was working, I was setting in my chair coughing, and such when my I eyes fell on my pyramid, got it down reminded it it was mine and there to do what I asked, held it on my chest and asked to pull out all my infection, fell asleep for about 20 min, woke up to clear lungs and feeling great. I did this for my knees awhile back and it worked for them, Am now wondering what more I can ask of this little blue pyramid."

~ Sheryl Hunt Marsden

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The Immortal Rann
New Viewpoints for Gender

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The Immortal Rann is a Facilitator of Happiness. She has decades of experience as a master palmist, high functioning intuitive, meditation coach, and coder. In the past decades she has channeled, downloaded, and organized her knowledge into tools that facilitate increased awareness, empowerment and happiness.

Rann is the coder of several operating systems and modalities including the Time Spa, Spin Wave, Dispersion, Dinking and Immortal Face Lifts. As a master palmist, she is specialized in the systems of astrological elemental and esoteric chiromancy; and has expertise in deciphering information for all ages - birth through death.

Rann is an energy giant, and has expertise in cleansing space and fields, teaching classes, facilitating private and group sessions, activating brainwaves for expansion into awareness and joy & programming energy to activate desirable processes and outcomes.

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Interview Topic:
New Viewpoints for Gender

Gender is one of the initial physical manifestations of an embodiment of dual reality. From socio-economic-political repercussions, to physiological advantages and disadvantages, we will be discussing all the ways we are allowing ourselves to be limited by gender.

  • In what ways are you currently experiencing gender?
  • In which ways are you unwilling to experience gender?
  • What if there were no true division?
  • What can be available in your reality after releasing your definition of gender?

What if you could clear

  • lifetimes of gender entanglements in a matter of hours?
  • generational shifts in perspectives of gender?
  • cultural rules and laws Imposed upon individuals based upon body type?
  • shifts in gender roles and the restrictions of ancestral memory?

Discover all of the ways your can liberate your energy and your body with a new viewpoint of gender.

  • Peek into the nuances of gender.
  • Release some anchor points around personal and relationship issues with the same and opposite sex.
  • Discover what is on the other side of your gender barrier.
  • Embrace the space which allows for abundant living.
  • Enjoy the freedom and take control of your own potency.
  • Welcome increased amounts of change in small amounts of time.
  • Experience increased perspective, clarity and awareness that occurs when energy is available in its potential states.

Immediate shifts - felt better almost instantly!

“I purchased Rann’s QSW sessions after listening to some of the talk shows - her energy was very palpable and I could feel immediate shifts - as if some charges are being moved.
I have had many arguments ( unnecessary ones) with my father - and my mother - I know sounds silly coz one may say - “happens between parents and children”- but it drained out so much energy and I used to spend nights crying.
I played her mp3s and I could feel better almost instantly.. and not just that... the “negativity” went away.
I did a session with her on a personal topic, and I could feel images ( as she uses a term to relate to an image” dissolve completely... I could hear a nice voice telling me (something personal - which I told Rann <3) and lot more - all this is just right after the session. I am wondering what more positive is in store in future...
I have worked with some of the best healers - and I think Rann is a wonderful healer, who can make energy shift - yes, I felt it ( when I dont feel it so easily, or unless a top-notch healer is working with me).
She is very generous and helped me understand how to use the mp3s too.
Rann is wonderful - please do try her samples on her site too...much love and gratitude,"

~ Sari Grace

Issues effortlessly released and quickly forgotten!

“Rann did a Spin Wave session on me to help with my body image issues which included weight problems, sexual trauma, and deep hurt within me. Rann worked on the parts of me that didn't want to be freed. I can remember feeling a level of bliss that permeated my entire being!!After the session was done I couldn't even remember what we were working on!! It was incredible!!! The crazy thing about it is that when you forget the problem that you had… it's not able to recreate itself again in your life, and that's what was so incredible about what she did for me!Rann was able to release these issues from my being …effortlessly! It was incredible!! Rann is amazing at what she does and I can't help but love her!!"


Experiencing Peace for the first time in years!

“Before my Spin Wave session, I could not speak about a trauma that had occurred over 50 years ago. It was debilitating, and keeping me stuck in many ways. After my spin wave session, I am experiencing peace for the first time in a long time. You have no idea what it's like — to not have peace for years and years. I actually have that funny, happy feeling in my stomach!
I was skeptical to begin with; not now, however. I like the way Rann did the session. I could feel what she was doing. I had no idea what was going on, but she gave me facts to understand what I was experiencing. Throughout the whole session, the trauma just kept getting further and further away. It just eased out of site. Towards the end I was actually trying to bring it back to mind, and I couldn't do it. Now it wouldn't bother me to talk about it near as much as it would have before. You could say I'm more comfortable with it. I don't think I have to hide it anymore.
Rann, I don't know what you did, but what you did was better than what I was told to do by my psychologist in order to keep everything hidden. The biggest part is that I can talk about my past trauma without having a break down.
If someone has a problem anywhere near what I had, they should try the Spin Wave. I have gone through therapy for 18 years, but now I have peace after a one hour Spin Wave session."

~Malcolm Fishback

Smoother skin and a youthful glow!

"When the process began I immediately felt the energy entering my fields, and it was particularly noticeable around my forehead. I could actually feel my face lifting. I was easily guided by your loving intention into a healing space, and enjoyed the whole session.
After the treatment I felt calm yet invigorated. My neighbors remarked on how Light and glowing I looked, I felt tighter too; now the next day my forehead is noticeably smoother, I have a more youthful glow, and, my body feels great. I had a wonderful sleep too, bonus!"


Tangible miracles are experienced!

"The Immortal Rann is like a living library of wisdom. She is one of those rare gems that can help you purge your deepest, darkest, most painful experiences and then have you laughing harder than you've ever laughed before a few moments later. During my 25-minute session, she completely reframed empathy from being an overwhelming burden to being a gift I could use to easily raise my vibration and gain new skills and abilities quickly. She effectively shifted the way I receive psychic information into the level of intensity that I've always wanted. I highly recommend both the group sessions and the personal sessions. Working with Rann makes my life so much more delicious.

What I love most about what she offers are all the tangible miracles I experience immediately after our sessions. Right after listening to the Beauty Amplifier & Generator MP3 I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and couldn’t resist winking at myself while saying, “How YOU doin’?” Not only was I filled to the brim with inner confidence, but I had this amazing glow to my skin. This glow is brighter than the orgasmic glow that occurs after sex. I feel like I have this permanent radiance that outglows everyone from blushing brides to pregnant ladies combined.

In addition to all the fun I am having from people not being able to guess my age correctly, the MP3s have also really helped with my personal life. I had a friend that was going through a divorce and wanted to lean on me daily for support. Although it was very draining for me, I still wanted to be a good friend and be there for him. Right after listening to the Elevated Boundaries MP3, I noticed that he didn’t call or text me daily anymore. He wasn’t the only one who started giving me more space. I don’t know what Rann did, but somehow all the needy people in my world stopped being needy towards me all of a sudden. It was a Godsend!

Everyone should experience Rann’s famous Facelifts. I feel like the Facelifts will pay for themselves many times over with all the free dinners that people will want to buy you to be in the presence of your beauty. That’s what it’s been like for me so far and I'm just getting started. All the benefits I am experiencing now are priceless!

Thank you, Rann!"

~ Vera S., Pennsylvania

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